Installing a GPR Steering Stabilizer

I installed a GPR on my XR650R and had to cut the brace bar on the stock handle bars to get clearance for the GPR stabilizer. Does anyone remember what Renthal bars will work with the stock clutch and throttle cables?

Renthal hasnt been much help.

Stock bars are 31 inches wide, 2 inches rise and 4 inches sweep. I want to go narrower on the bars, about 28 inches, 3 inches of rise and sweep of 3 3/4 inches. The Renthal 758-01 fits this criteria and should still work with the stock cables. But I cant find the 758-01 in the USA.

What have you done with the handle bars/cables on your BRP? :thumbsup:

the closest bend to stock will be a cr bend. you can find that type of bend from most handlebar makers. if renthal is snubbin you say '[@#$%&*!] em' and go with another brand.

i use tag right now, i've used pro taper in the past.

since you are running a dampener, you probably want to switch to a "fatbar" since the larger diameter bars do not require crossbars.

contrary to popular belief, you do not have to change your triple clamps out with aftermarket clamps in order to run a fatbar. all you have to get is a set of bar mounts that are made to accept fatbars.

as far as your routing issue goes, route your cables behind your clamp like i did in the photo below. precision concepts sells a bracket for around $20 that will enable you to do this.

you should be able to run this routing reguardless of your post location... i.e. forward mount or reverse mount.


I bought the tallest Renthal Bars available. I then cut 1 1/2" off each side. I took the cross bar off and bent it so I could still use my bar pad with the GPR. It looks and works great.

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