YZF250 to YZF450 ??

I have an 04 250f and I love it, but I race in open class and I"m lined up at the gate with 250 two strokes, KX500s, 450 this and that bikes, and its tuff to get the hole shot when your simply out powered in the long straights. Instead of soaking a bunch of money in my current bike to extract more out of it, I"m thinking of stepping up to the 05 450f, since they made it a little tamer to handle. I"m 200 lbs and I went up two teeth in the rear on my 250f and it made a big difference, but I"m still out gunned by the bigger bikes. Am I making the right decision here or what? And whats it like to go from a 5 speed to a 4 speed with that much power? I can only imagine alot of you guys on small tracks only using 1st and 2nd on your 450s? I leave the gate in 2nd gear on my 250f, what gear do you 450ers leave the gate in? Just looking for some imput from some of you that made the switch. Are you happy with the jump to a bigger bike? Any imput would be appreciated! :thumbsup:

Go to the 450. Start in 2nd. You will race this bike in 2nd & 3rd, sometimes 4th depending on the track. You'll almost never use 1st. You will love this bike. I rode the CR450F and did not like (personal opinion) the gears being spread that far out I didn't want to work that hard shifting on a MX track. My son has a 250F and I really like the bike, its easy to throw around similar to the 125's but I can't leave all that power on the table.

Mind you I am only a mere mortal and will never ride that bike (YZ 450) to its full potential. I need all the help I can get.

I moved from a 250F to a 450F and love it as well. You need to change your riding style a little bit, if you whack the trottle coming out of corners like you do the 250F you will tire quickly. Learn to roll the throttle on and enjoy the power.

I own both............... :thumbsup:

if you ride serious mx, you will love it. i own 250f's too, and the 4 speed on the 450 has spoiled me, i absolutely love the 4 speed(2nd and 3rd gear only for most tracks), with a little getting use to, you will be faster on the 450.

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