WR450 for "heavy rider" ?

I'm going back on 2 off-road wheels after a long period on 2 wheels on-road and 4 wheels off-road.

I've read many topics here and i'm pretty much settled on a 04 WR450, I can get them for a pretty good price locally here and I'm pretty fond of its magic button :thumbsup:

However, I'm 6'4" and 255lbs. What would guys sugest for suspension setup/modification, I feel that it'll be a little soft for me to start with and instead of banging the stock suspension, might has well do it right the first time.

I'll be riding just about anything from dunes to trails and some moto-X once in a while for the hell of it. I could say i'm a intermediate rider in most situations.

Thanks for any advices!!!! :devil:

Just get a rear spring for the shock. 5.6 - 5.8 kg rate. $100. investment for the bare minimum.

Leave the front forks springs alone for trail riding.

Play around with compression and rebound until you like the ride. :thumbsup:

I put the Race Tech 5.8 on mine and I weigh lmost exactly what you do. I have been really happy. I do mostly trails. If I had to do all over again...I might go 6.0. rekless :thumbsup:

I bought me WR450 about 3 months ago and have put 1300 miles on it. I am 6'2" and 255 pounds and have the stock suspension. I am very happy with it and have bottomed out the rear maybe 3 times. I would consider myself and intermediate rider. Do almost all off road and very little MX. Though it is capable of handling my level of MX with no prob. I would recommend that you get it and try it for a while before springing up. I figured that I would have to get the big spring right off but I am very happy with the stock. The owners manual lists springs for rider weights and it recommends 250 plus pounders use the biggest spring. That would be about 4 spring sizes up from stock.

In any case you will not be disappointed with the WR 450!!

AJ :thumbsup:

I am 6'4 and 106kg. I don't know what that is in pounds but my 04 450 is standard and I have not even adjusted the factory settings yet. I ride through all sorts of terrain.Mountains, Rocks,Jumps. It is great. I have not bottomed it out yet. :thumbsup:

Well heres my .02. There are other reasons for going to a heavier rear spring than just bottoming resistance. In my case I found that the bikes handling is much improved by going to a 5.6kg spring and I only weigh 180 lbs (+/- 5 er uh 10 lbs :thumbsup:). With the stock spring I found I had to run a lot of preload to get the right sag and the bike had a stink bug effect (i.e.- softer suspension action in the rear than in the front). With the heavier spring I can run less preload, the suspension action is more balanced and the bike handles much better. I ride mostly desert riding where the speeds are fairly high and the terrain varied. As far as doing MX on the bike it's pretty heavy out of the box. I would definitely want a heavier spring for the track.

I found the same thing. It holds true for any dirt bike.

I bought my WR450 in Feb and raced it right after break in at the TX GNCC. In March I replaced the rear with th 5.6 and went up one size from stock on the forks. Dont remember the rate off hand. It's much better for what I ride which is mostly trails with limited MX at some races. I'm 5'10 and 240. I think you'd do well by going with the heavier springs. Congrats on the new bike!

I agree that the issue with using the stock spring with your weight is that you have to use preload to set the sag and that is not that effective. I'm 6ft.4in. and weigh 240. I put a 5.6 on the back and would use a 5.8 if I did it again. I went with 48 on the front shock springs so the suspension would be balanced. I don't do any motocross but do get up to pretty high speeds in the desert(75 to 90+ mph) and was bottoming the suspension 3 or 4 times a ride before. The bike was set up for a 175lb. rider so it doesn't make sense that it would be right for us. The good news is that the bike handles great with the stronger springs and correct sag. You can soften up the compression settings for woods stuff and raise them for moto/desert stuff. Hope that helps. BTW you might as well revalve since you have to take stuff apart anyway. :thumbsup:

i'm 6'4" at 290 i had to change no ? ,the biggest i could go was .48 front and 5.8 rear (that is set up for 280 lbs) after adding 2 shim spacers in the front it performs flawlessly,not gonna win any freestyle events but great on the trail. lighter people have rode it and said it was a little stiff but once you get up to speed i'd rather have it stiff than bottoming out!

How difficult is changing the rear spring? What is the procedure? Just the bare minumim steps, I don't need a detailed description.


pretty simple if its like the 04. about time to grease your linkage anyhow!

pretty simple if its like the 04. about time to grease your linkage anyhow!

I just did the linkage about 4 monthes ago. Guess I will wait on the spring till winter.

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