What is faster 250 2 stroke or 426/250F

1. Which bike is faster turningand quick handling a 250 stroke or a 426?

2. Which is faster in straight line a 250f or a 250 2 stroke? :)

A two stroke handles and turns better because of it's lighter weight.

A 250 will smoke a 250f. What you should be comparing is a 426 and a 250 or a 250f and a 125.

I can personally testify that my 426 is way faster on top end than my buddies KLX 250. It may also be because the Kaw is a '91. Anyway I followed him this weekend with my Panoram with his throttle pinned running 13/48 gearing and he only hit 72 mph. I chickened out earlier in the day at 83 mph with a bit left.

I would suspect that since the 4-stroke power is more even across the rpm range it would have more on top after the 2-stroke falls "off the pipe".

Depends who's on the bikes. :)

i ride a 250f and i do coaching clinics in AUS, im 16, 170cm, 50kg.(tiny) Ive ridden meltons (multiple australian mx, sx champ) 02yz250 and a 450. i reckon the 450 ****s all over a 250, in every department.

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