Edlebrock in Parts Unlimited?

Been ordering parts for my XR650R lately, and at my dealer they have a listing for Edlebrock in the Parts Unlimited catalog, but no name (IE quicksilver, instead the carb is just named 'performance carb'). So, does anyone know if that is the right carb for the 650R? Also, I've heard people talking about the Quicksilver 2 and pumper vs. normal... what should I be ordering, or are they all the same? I'm hoping to get it from the dealer, because their giving me a very good deal. But if the one from Barnums is better in some way, I'll order it from them as I want to do it right the first time. Thanks for the help! :thumbsup:

Got the answer. For any future forum surfers with the same Q, Edelbrock only offers one carb, which is set up the same for every distributor. However, Edelbrock no longer calls the carburator "quicksilver"; it's just called a performance carb.

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