Forgive my ignorance..........

........but what is a BK MOD and it's purpose?I have noticed everyone but me has this , is this something I need? :)

what year bike do you have?

older bikes were getting to much fuel pumped in by the accelerator pump, with each twist of the throttle. my 2K was about 4.5 sec of squirt.

The Brian Kinney Mod puts a screw on the accel. pump actuator arm to limit duration of fuel pump.

Lots of info in the search... Motoman393 has great instructions.

A bk Mod is a modification created by Brian Kinny (Factory Mechanic to Tim Ferry)

It is a mod that allows one to set the Spurt duration of the eccel pump on the carb to get rid of a famous bog at idle.

If you have a 2000 - 2002 426 or 250 the BKmod may be what you want to do.

the web iste to look at the bkmod is here

Geez I di that without my famous Burger King Schtick

Before the BK mod became widely known, Factory R&D developed a replacement accelerator pump bottom plate called the P-38 that was aimed at shortening the duration of the fuel squirt when the throttle was whacked open suddenly. It worked perfectly on my '00 and got rid of that damn annoying hesitation. The BK mod is a much better solution because of it's adjustability and the cost is less than $10. If you have sharp throttle response at all times, you don't need to worry about this mod.

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