Steady Throttle Stutter - NO MORE!!

I know this subject has been hashed and re-hashed, but I did a mod today that you should consider if you have the steady throttle stutter. I did a search on here about it after becoming thoroughly frustrated, I discovered that by unplugging the TPS and disabling the ACV, it seemed to alleviate the stutter. JD has written about it extensively. I have been on the boards for over a year, and I must have missed it when it was up...anyway, try it,'ll like it!! rekless :thumbsup: can do a search on the "jetting" forum for TPS and ACV.

rekless one of the concerns that some have posted is that it may make the bottom end hit more harsh. This would be a problem at times. Have you noticed this or is it pretty much the same bike without the stutter?

I have only had a chance to test it on the street. It seems to make a huge difference though. If it makes the hit harder, I didn't notice it. Definately more good than bad!! rekless :thumbsup:

I had the same steady throttle stutter problems before I discoed my TPS today. Seemed to smooth it out. Will see how it works in the dirt next week.

:cry: for the TPS disco, on or off road.

01 wr 426 ran like crap till i disconnected it! Feels like a real bike now!

The only concern I have is overheating because the CDI would be mapped on an advanced ignition curve at lower rpm constant throttle. It seems that with the tps connected the plug voltage drops to create a rich mixture in the cylinder to help in overheating and pre-ignition. Or am I just over estimating the yamaha engineers. I wish someone really had an answer.

"Blind man standing on the side of the road with an answer in his hand" (Neil Young)


I've been running with mine disconnected on and off road and I love it! :naughty:

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