1st Annual West Cost TT run Schedualed

OK here is the real deal we are set and the info is below: Special Thanks to Big Blue One, Dave_fry and Wylli1 for helping me get this going and to Thumper Talks Brian and Steve for there help. See ya there

Date = Sept 20th - 22 That's Friday- Sat- Sun

Time = Fri, Sat, Sun *** Note Friday I assume we will be traveling, settling in and plain just showing up and getting organized for Sat and Sun.

We want to get in the same camp area closest to the back gate; this allows entrance to the riding area. Plans are being worked out to try and get this unlocked for us that weekend. It is very important if we get this gate open that we abide by therules there. No Wheelies, Walk the bike to the gate, No Dust. The gates were shut becouse of Yahoos on bikes thgat screwed it for us. I will know by weeks end if they will unlock it. Its up to you

Red Stickers are checked as well as green stickers for being up to date (they're not kicking anyone out. Noise is being checked "They Say at staging areas" so repack all your pipes.

We recommend making reservations before hand; Please take a look at the Morning start Campsite for full details on camp costs and fees....

For more information please Reply to this post, Volunteers are needed.

Here are the links to Morning Star Camp Grounds and Forrest Hill Areas: **NOTE When Researving ask for the Group Camp area (camps 42 - 57)this is closet to the gates. ASK For Camp Group A Open Gate there sites open are 42,44,46,48-50 53 - 57...Check out time is noon Sunday

When Calling in Advise you are there for the Thumper Talk run....

PLus the group rate for the site is 75 bucks, if you camping then make the reservation...

http://morningstar.icyspicy.com Camp Grounds

http://www.r5.fs.fed.us/tahoe/pdf/fh_ohv_map.pdf Forrest Hill Trail Map

http://www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=21928 Red Sticker Bull Crap

http://www.r5.fs.fed.us/tahoe/ Forest Hill Tahoe Area Main Web Site


Rear Area Campsites $ 18.00 per day.

Front Area Campsites $ 20.00 per day.

Waterfront campsites $ 25.00 per day, no pets allowed.

Group Tent Areas....

Group Tent Area "A": $ 75.00 minimum fee (covers 25 people).

$ 3.00 per person charge for each additional camper.

Maximum of 40 people allowed.

Group Tent Area "B": $ 120.00 minimum fee (covers 40 people).

$ 3.00 per person charge for each additional camper.

Maximum of 60 people allowed.

Day Use....

$ 2.00 per person. Children under 6 years of age are free.

Other Fees....

See Web Site above

Hotels in the area




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I would like to publicly thank EGO for organizing this event.Anywayz I'll be there and will be reserving a campsite this afternoon. How about posting if you plan to attend so we know how many are going.

Im going Already Researved :)

Bill is right please post to determine how many we have going, and make sure you researve the camp site. There are also restriction on Campers and RV's, they will need to take another camp site.

Please post Picture would love to see how things go.

Wish I could make it but live to far.

goodjob EGO & FRIENDS,i knew you could do it.i dont know if whether i can go or not but ill let you know pretty soon.could you do me a favor and see if theres a fourseasons hotel located near campgrounds?

Do you guys ride there all the time. I usally go past forest hill and ride at sugar pine. The forest hill map is where I usally ride. Can you access the same trails from here?


There is such a thing as the Internet, Phones and so on. Do you want me to chew your food and spit it down your throat too?

Your on there own there buddie :)

I think Freestyle just wanted everyone to know he would be staying at a nice hotel. :)

Ya Thunk :) This guy is sharp

Foresthill has a small hotel i believe.Auburn has plenty and is about 30min drive.I f you want to ruff it you can also camp in a couple of the staging areas.

Perfect timing EGO, I will have just finished my saterday detentions before the ride :):D:D

I added some links to hotels in Auburn on the original post

I will be there for sure! I love forest hill. I ride there at least 2 times a month. In my opinion, it is the best ridding in norcal. For those of you who have not been there, you are in for a treat. I will be staying in my trusty secret camping spot :)

Amador is your secret spot on the gravel road past the lake? If you go straight instead of staying on the paved road to go the lake there are some good spots. There are some good camp sites out there.

If you've never been, be sure to stop by Ikeda's on the way in or out of Auburn. It's an awesome farm stand/burger joint, and they make killer pies. Just go a few blocks past the AM/PM Mini Mart intersection, it's on the frontage road on the S side of 80.

I also highly recommend Sweetpea's for breakfast. They're on the N side of 80, also on the frontage road.

Finished the "Fools Gold" twice as a tot back in EARLIE 70's. Great events and rides. Do they still hold those events?

The California Enduro Riders Association still holds the Fool's Gold, our last event was in May. We'll also be running the Training Wheels Family Enduro at Foresthill on October 13.

Start doing a rain dance now!

Sounds interesting. Obviously someone has done their homework and planning. May I suggest, in the future you clearly identify the location of the ride plainly in the text.

Are there any alternative lodging facilities available nearby?

Sorry Just got out of another stupid meeting with educated idiots

The web sits have plenty of information thats posted. If anyone needs anyother acomidations the closet Twons are in order

Forrest Hill



Grass valley

Im sure both Forrest Hill and Auburn have accomidations. You can search the net for more info

[ August 07, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Freestyle doesnt even have a job I bet. He want to know about the Four Seasons because they have the best trash cans to dive! At least thats what they say on MTV!! :)

Oh man I will be thinking of you guys!

I am stuck here "On the sand bar"! I used to ride all over the Eldorado National forest. Finished the "Fools Gold" twice as a tot back in EARLIE 70's. Great events and rides. Do they still hold those events?

I forgot what a "Hill" even looks like. WISH I COULD BE THERE!!!!

I plan on being there. Possibly bring one or two other riders with me. Where is a good motorhome spot?

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