1st Annual West Cost TT run Schedualed

both me and my dad will definately be there.

I will be there.

3-5 is only a trail that connects loop 3 and loop 5.It was closed last time to i don't think it's a big deal it's only a couple miles.

IM THERE...Well Im almost always there since I live down the road :):D

Call me in!! and probably about 4 other buddies who know the area better than any one alive. We will do some loop 6 off shoots and all sorts of crazy trails. I cant wait to meet everyone.

Yes 3-5 is closed and will not open this year. USFS is doing some clearing. Not a big deal. As for camping...well Ill be driving home at night so that will leave room for someone else.

Oh and if you get hungry on the way up stop at the Red Dirt Saloon/ Ore Cart steak house. Grab a cold one and order the biggest dam burger youve ever seen. It will feed you for 2 days!


Originally posted by Matt Jolly:

Amador is your secret spot on the gravel road past the lake? If you go straight instead of staying on the paved road to go the lake there are some good spots. There are some good camp sites out there.


There are a number of good spots back there. But Mine! Now that's a Spot! I requires 2 dogs, 1 ferrett, bolt cutters and a bottle of pepto-bismol to get there.

My YZ250F still has the stock exhaust on it, will that pass their sound tests?

My wife knows my secret spot :)

Just show up, Sound chks are done radnomly at staging areas we will not be at any staging areas...

We are gaining ground, looks like so far about 15 + people are coming, I have aCamp A researved this holds 40 people, and we have a access gate right behind us. Call Morning star tell them you coming, we need to let them know you will be there.

The rate for the camp sie is 75 bucks. we need people there.....

Hey EGO im coming from so cal most likely alone i have family in near by auburn but would rather camp!!!! will it be okay if i go alone and just pitch a tint somewhere? that EGO you the man for doing all this

Just show up plenty of room in the camp for 40 people.....

As of two days ago, Tie 3-5 was OPEN and the section of Trail 3 between Sugarpine Road and Tie 3-5 was CLOSED. No biggie, you just have to use 3-5 to get down to 3.

USFS folks were unable to provide more info on whether 3-5 is officially open, or how long that small section of 3 would be closed.

what kinda of "beverages" shall i bring that we can all share????? :):D:D


Great Question

Let me add

Morning Star has graciously excepted us into there camp site (FAMILY CAMP SITES), Even though the web site has pictures of Dirt Bikes and Quads dont make them freindly to our sport.

Speaking with Pete (Owner Of Mornig Star) he has had problems in the past with unruly dirt bikers.

I just want to let you all know, that we will be ambassadors for TT, as well as the sport, if this goes off, we will be welcome back to Morning star. If it fails and we blow it or get out of hand, we will be asked not to come back and we all loose.

What I am saying is this, We are in a family camp ground, remember that. I dont drink anymore but if you bring it drink it responcibly.

Lets show morning star what TT is really made of...

I keep getting a busy signal when I call the Morning Star telephone number :)

Depends on the time you call, it is only one phone

Maybe its busy with all the TT'rs making ther reservations

Keep trying...

Morning Star only answers the phones between 7 and 9 am (for whatever reason) so It can be tough to get through.

We're going the weekend of 8-16. (23 people in 4 sites)

Breaking into manageable groups is always the problem with big summer time rides. Between the dust and everyone being an "A" rider for the first 10 miles it can make for a long day.

I'll try to make it even if it's only for a day. The Thumpertalk group sounds like a nice group to get to know.

Great idea E.G.O.!

Anyone for a Little Stony trip in October?

I dont smoke thats stuff anymore :)

E.G.O. is right Morningstar is a family camping area and is STRICTLY RUN! if you abide by the campgrounds rules fully, the owners will respect you. If you dont they are a pain in the a$$. There are miles and miles of kick a$$ trails outside of the campgrounds, save it for the trails. My wife and I have been going to Morningstar every summer for 8 years now and its one of my favorite trips of the year. If you can make it the 20th you dont want to miss this trip. Ill see ya'll there!!!


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