1st Annual West Cost TT run Schedualed

Hi everyone,

Of course I will be there! I love Foresthill. Riding there was almost a religious experience. Everyone come on up. This place is a bit of heaven right here on earth.

Looks like this ride is coming along Ego.


Do out of state riders have to get a green or red sticker for a weekend? I don't understand that stuff, we don't have to deel with that out here.


You may have to get an out-of-state green sticker for California.

Contact your DMV and or CA DMV : http://www.dmv.ca.gov/

I have heard the forest service may be of help also.

I heard some dealers in Nevada can hook you up with a out of state green sticker.

Not sure which ones though.

Hope this helps and hope to see you at Foresthill!


E.G.O. ooooh yeah I'll be there. Could you please post a notice on other forums (wr 250) I almost missed out :)

Oh I almost forgot, please no making fun of my trailer :D

Hi Blukrew,

If you look closely on the YZ/WR 250 board you will see the notice.

Hope to see you there it will be a great ride !


Just a note, we camped there three weeks ago. They will not open the back gate so you can ride. You have to push out of the camp ground(1\4 mile) or load up and drive out and stage at one of the staging areas.They have had too many problems with guys not following the rules. The manager is a hard ass, but it's his place, his rules. Nice area though. You might want to check and see what the new deal is. Also, they don't allow loud generators. We're supposed to go back up August 23-24-25.

We are working on a deal to open the back gate up. In the Camp gound we have there is a back gate that is open, so the 1/4 mile push job is a myth

We have Camp ground A, this has a gate to the forest.

As I said we are working on a deal, and its up to you, yes this place has a rep for being a bit unfriendly to bikers, but then again, we need to show them diff dont we...

Oh yea! We were planning to take the boat up to Lake Tahoe that week anyway... now I have an excuse to take the WR. I will bring a few SKULCAMS for anyone who may want to try one out. :)


You will need an out-of-state permit. It is different than the regular green sticker. I think they are about $10 and are good for the year. They assume you will be using the state's well-maintained, hassle-free, extensive and always open trail system much less than residents. I understand they will also issue to red sticker bikes same as green sticker legal ones. So, I think if you are from out of state, they do not distinguish. Go figure.



I plan on being there at least one of the days. We have ridden there a few times. Last time we rode 63 miles of great trails. It will be nice to meet some new people to ride with.

Stinez: Stoney Ford sounds great in October.

This event sounded like so much fun I just went out and bought an XR 400 to ride! So if novices are welcome I'll be there. The bike belonged to Jimmy Lewis so I'm hoping that it will make me a better off-road rider...not likely. Anyway, I am planning on comming up from Sacramento for the weekend and staying in the group tent area. -Will be calling Moring Star today- Anyone planning to ride up? My bike is dual-sported so I thought it might be cool to try loading it up with my gear and heading out for a bit of an adventure tour.

I just may show up if I can peel myself away from my projects.

But someone is going to have to explain what a "skulcam" is.


Skulcam = helmet camera

great idea, forest hill is great riding area. i'll be there with friends. count on 4-5 in my group. all of us know forest hill pretty well if you need trail info.

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