Rear brake lever adjustment??

Can the rear brake lever be adjusted down on an XR650R? For my big foot to hit the lever, I have to lift it off the peg which is kind of annoying. Plus, trying to ride with my foot on the peg, and ontop of the brake pedal (like when I'm trying to find that balance point on wheelies) my ankle is all twisted and out of sorts, and it's almost impossible not to put pressure on the brake pedal all the time.

Is this adjustable, or are there other brake levers available?

Thanks again to all for helping out a clueless newbie.


There is an adjustment on the back end of the pedal where it pushes the master cylinder.

Check it'll see it.

When you adjust it down make sure you adjust the brake light switch also. If you don't your brake light will stay on. It's just as easy to adjust as the brake and right there also. At least it was on the L. I guess that would be one of the few items that are similar on the bikes.

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