Lind for Stator removal/install directions??

Can somebody give me a link to a site that has nice clear directions for removing/installing a stator. I think I'm going to send mine out to Baja Designs to get rewound and while it seems simple enough, dirtbikes are pretty new to me, so I'd like to see exactly what I'm getting in to. Thanks all.


I don't have a link for you, but a quick suggestion. I recently purchased a rewound stator from Electrex, and had alot of problems with hollowing out the stock grommet (so that the new stator wires could fit through with the grommet without preventing it from sitting correctly in the case), and whatnot. So, the moral would be to ask whatever company rewinds your stator (or if you buy a new, fully rewound stator), if it is already wired through the grommet and all the connectors are attached. Just will save you some time. I know Ricky Stator offers fully rewound and wired stators for ~$150, which isn't bad (and what I wished I would have ordered). Just my 2 cents.

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