Cam Timing help

how do you time you cam on a WR450 2004? :thumbsup:

you dont. Just leave it alone

What are you trying to do? More info please....

my bike was not turning over and i took it apart to see why and the cam chain is loose and it is skipping the cam teeth. I don't know why it is doing this but it dosn't seem good. :thumbsup::devil:

No, that's not good....sounds like the tensioner isn't!

did it stop while the bike was running? If so it's almost certain that valves are bent. No offence intended, but from the posts you have submitted it may be a good idea to get some professional help, or at least a friend who knows his stuff. Cam timing must be perfect, no room for error at all.

It can be done by yourself if you have the manual, and a friend that has experiance with engines. The manual is the most important thing. I'm 15 and with the help of my dad, who put the valves in only, we got the same thing you are doing done. Bent intake valves, jumped cam chain. New intakes, and a new cam chain. But if it happned at a good RPM for you, you could have a broken valve, damaged head, cracked piston, among other problems. :thumbsup:

The bike ran fine for the last ride. Then it just would not start for my next run? :thumbsup:

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