New owner

I finaly bought myself a 650R today :thumbsup:

2000, plated in SoCal, Baja Designs kit and a few billet bolt on guards for $3500

I've heard about the Krylon Fusion paint for the plastics, sence I cant find any black stuff for the 650R... I'm wondering how it works on used body parts... Any prep work? (rough the plastic up with scotch brite?)

How does it work on the OE tank?

Welcome to TT. I've heard the paint works pretty well. I have not tried it but probably will down the road.

I painted an old chest protector white to see how well it worked and it turned out pretty good (it was pink underneath :devil:): SpringBreakRiding075RA.jpg

Lots of light coats are best, take your time and let it cure completely. It is somewhat easy to scratch even when fully cured. Welcome to TT. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info and the welcome. How much is this stuff? I take it its in a rattle can?

Next thing to do I guess is power up mods... (Need helmet and jacket first) I plan to go full motard eventualy, but keep the dirt set up for play time. :thumbsup:

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