My 450 seized yesterday- advice needed plz......

Yesterday at a local race my 450 seized. I lost all the oil and didn't know til it was too late. The drain bolt on the frame came slack and fell out resulting in the oil loss. I had only changed the oil the day before but obviously did not tighten the bolt properly. I am the only one who works at my bike and feel so stupid! :thumbsup:

Anyway it seemed to make a weird noise then tighten up like it was dying.........then lock up. I had no time time to react as it all happened in a few seconds.

I am going to start start stripping tonight. Has anyone got any ideas of the possible problems that will exist ie: Head damage (really don't want that!) Is it most likely to be the crank?

Any advice would be really great guys

it's almost a sure bet that the cam journals in the head will be shot. Piston has probably nipped in the bore. The crank will probably be the last thing to give up the ghost as roller bearings bottom ends will go for a while with no oil pressure. Having said that, the little end of the rod wouldnt have liked it at all. Must be the time for failures, as out 2 smoke just did a main bearing on the weekend :thumbsup:

safety wire, safety wire, safety wire!

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