oil pressure sensor 2

Ego, Im begining to think we were twins separtated at birth! I was thinking the exact same thing when reading Vanilla question! Scary. I wish I could get away for that september ride. Thats gonna be more fun than a room full a hookers.


for my oil pressure sensor, do you think a flashing bright light will be enough to get the rider's attention? If so, should i put it on the barpad, bars, which side? what else could be used to make the rider aware of the oil pressure alert? no small buzzers will be loud enough to make the rider hear it. Also does anyone know what those fittings ont he oil delivery pipe are called?


An electric lead to the seat is appropriate that wil definetly get some attention Say about -48 Volt ootta doooooo

hehehehe, good idea Ego, i like it.

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