I just bought my XR 650R. I upgraded from a 1980 Suzuki DS 250. After buying my son a 2001 Yamaha TT125, the small version, I decided it was time.

When I first was introduced to 4 strokes back in the 80's it was a DR 350 or somthing like that. I test rode it and I hated it. Had no power compared to my DS and felt like a tank. When I bought my sons bike I rode it and seen the promised land. For a 125 it rips with my 260 lb carcass on it. I was impressed. Then I started looking at tt250's. Couldnt swing the 5 gees they wanted for one though....Enter the saleman who wanted to sell a bike that day...

He showed me the XR 650 and said its on sale...Put it in ur truck and its yours for 4900 out the door. I said lemme check somthing first so I called my buddie at a bike shop and he said its to big of a bike for the riding you do but if u can get it for that jump on it so I did. Then I went riding the day I bought it. I have to say DAMN I LOVE THIS THING :thumbsup:. It is a monster yes but its so comphy to ride it spoiled me the first day.

Now my dislikes about it and they are few.

1. I really need to regear it for the riding I do. Mostly trails. (51 tooth rear was suggested by the bike shop)

2. The overheating problem..This may be fixed by the sproket change or at least it will help.

3. Starting after killing it on the trail.

4. The seat...its a killer on the :devil: lol

The seat definitely sux. I have severe monkey butt after 80 miles of trails. The overheating issue is do to the bike being so lean from the factory, jetting wise. Do a search here for uncorking or overheating and you shall see the light and 25% more power from the piggy. I have the 14/51 gearing and it is mint. Just put it in third and ride. No constant clutch action like you have now.

Definately uncork it. I geared mine 13/50 and love it. It's still fast on topspeed. If you love the bike stock you will really be grinning when it is uncorked and that should help the starting issues also. If you still have a hard time starting get the Edelbrock Quicksilver carb. It's $400 but worth every penny IMO. :thumbsup:

Make sure your set the rear sag to 4". You will need stiffer springs (around .47kg/mm front and 11kg/mm rear) when you can swing them. Until then, just crank up the rear spring to its minimum length. I believe it is 9 1/8". This will help the bike turn a lot better.

Congrats and have fun!

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