Anyone have a stock exhaust for sale ?

Looking to purchase a stock 400/426 exhaust , head pipe not needed but will take . Let me know condition and price .

I have a 2002 YZ426 silencer.....check your PM.


Are You looking for a YZ or WR exhaust? I have A stock WR exhaust complete with Spark arrestor and baffle. $50.00 plus shipping & it's yours.



If you don't find anything, I have a stock pipe and silencer. I think there were only a couple of rides on it. I purchased it as a spare when I waded mine all up and purchased a DRD.

The only thing is I'm going to hold onto it until I get my new bike which hopefully will be in Sept.

my email is Oh yeah, I'll take what I gave for the pair. $125 plus shipping.

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