Valve cover removal - 1994 XR650L

It appears that I may have a valve cover gasket failure and resultant oil leak in the front portion of the valve cover. Does a guy have to pull the engine to remove the valve cover or can this be done while the engine remains in the frame? <font color="black">

Clymer says pull the motor, Honda says you can do it with the motor in the frame. I don't have the manual in front of me, but I do recall that the Honda manual says you can slide the cover to one side, then you'll have enough space to lift it off (after removing the upper mounting brackets and other obstructions).

I've never had much luck removing the valve cover with the engine in the frame. Last time I tried, and had to remove every engine mounting bolt and lean the engine a bit to the side....just as easy to pull the motor!

No, you don't have to pull the motor out.

1) Remove the left & right engine mounting brackets that attach the valve cover to the frame.

2) Remove the oil breather hose from the valve cover.

3) Loosen all valve cover bolts and take out the ones you can. You'll probably have two that are hard to remove around the center of the valve cover. Lift the cover and play with it a bit until you can pull the last bolts out.

4) Remove the carb and the rubber intake manifold (3 screws).

5) lift the valve cover and pull it backward toward the intake side and you'll be able to take it out.

The whole thing requires a bit of play, but the secret is removing the intake manifold.

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