2002 YZ 85 bars

For anyone that has an interest I've been experimenting with different bars to find the best feel for a taller, larger rider (6'2", 225) who rides woods. I tried the Button bars, their height was good but they had too much sweep (2.5"). I tried Tag SX, nearly as tall as the Buttons, less sweep (2.1"). They felt pretty good but still weren't exactly perfect.

I was looking through the Renthal selection guide and noticed that the Renthal bars for a 2002 YZ85 had more height than the Buttons, and less sweep (1.7") that the Tag SX. Usually the mini bars are just too narrow and have too much sweep. The 2002 YZ85 bars are wider than most all mini bars... they measure a full 30", which is what I normally cut my bars down to. So I ordered a pair. They feel great. So, if you are a larger fellow and are looking to open up things with just a bar change you might consider the Renthal 2002 YZ85 bars.

Yes, I know I could have just bought a new top clamp but then I would have had to buy a new top mount for my dampener and possibly a new top piece for the post. I already had the Button bars and I figure I could sell the Tag bars. By the way, the YZ85 bars have something like a bead blasted matte finish....it looks really cool.

Ya, the new Renthals are shot peened. Just like Protapers.

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