Hey everyone, im new to the board and also new to the whole powerful 4-stroke thing, so bare with me if you will. I just recently bought a 2004 yz450 and yesterday i had a lil crash with my bike and busted my clutch lever AND perch ... so i figured its time to get a whole new set and i found ASV ... so i was lookin through the products which they offer and got a tad stumped on which one i should buy... I was looking at the C/5 series, pro model perch, but im not sure whether to get the hot start one or the one with the added compression release ? what does the compression release do ? and does it work with my bike ? thanks everyone, sorry if this sounds a lil noobish but it is !

You want the one with the hot start, the one with the decompression release is for the yz426f. You have a automatic decompression on the 450! :thumbsup:

The one with the hotstart might be a good option or you can get the Dr. D Hot start lever fairly cheap... As for the decompression your bike does not need it. That was for prior models that have decompression levers on there bars.. Your's has auto decompression.

Thumper38 we must have posted at the same time it would have been alot easier for me to just put DITTO :thumbsup:

thanks a lot guys ! now i can go and order it ! :thumbsup:

Put a magura jack hyd.clutch on it you will never go back to a cable :thumbsup::devil:

Is there a web site for magura jack hyd.clutch??? I'd like to read more about that. I've never used a hyd clutch.



You can check out Magura but they don't really give as many details as you would get if you searched for "Magura" here on TT in the YZ450F or YZ250F forums.

I put one on about 2.5 months ago and was amazed at the lessened pull. I then tried the EZ-Pull lever for the Magura (thanks yz450fjack) and found the easiest clutch pull I have ever felt (125 easy if not easier!). It'll be coming off when I get my 2006 YZ450F, you can be sure of that!

Who is the mfgr that offers the clutch and Decompression lever all in one. I have seen it before, but can't remember where. I want to buy one and try it.


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