knee braces

I am contemplating the purchase of some knee braces and some real elbow protection. I have been looking at the EVS gear--RS7's and their elbow guards. What is the opinion of the group?

I use the FOX extreme elbow guards. They are top notch and have saved my elbows a number of times. I will never ride without them. I don't wear knee braces, so I can't give you any info on that. I can tell you that the reason I don't wear any is because my orthopedic doctor, who specializes in sports medicine, told me not to waste my money. He said that there is not a knee brace made that can protect your knee from ligamint damage. He said that he recomends them for knees that have been repaired and may be weaker than normal, but a brace won't help you if the correct force is applied to the leg. He said that if they did, every professional athelete would be wearing them and he wouldn't be repairing knees every week.

f you have good insurance, they may cover some cti2 kneebraces for ya. mine work great and give me excellent support at the knees.


I swear by my Asterisk knee braces ... had my knee scoped any my dr wouldn't write a Rx for braces (doesn't believe in them) so I bought Asterisks and they've saved my a$$ many occasions ..


Asterisks if you have the coin. Well worth money, for the support and protection they offer.


(motocross specific brace)

works really well for me,

and ive tried quiet a few different makes.

about ur doc who says dont wear braces,

he doesnt ride a bike does he!

I had some EVS-R6's that actually caused an injury to my thigh due to the way they fit.

After that I did not wear any braces.

This April I wadded up a good one and tweaked the hell out of knee. It is still not back to 100%, swollen plica, no tears though.

I also was advised that knee braces do no good unless you already have problems. After my incident I don't think that I really believe this.

Now I have a pair of asterisks and will not ride without them.

Asterisk all the way.

Won't ride on the track w/o them.

Won't ride in the hills w/o them.

Yeah, my Donjoy prescribed brace (not motocross specific) does more damage to my leg then help, thats not to say it wouldnt prevent an injury.

I wear SixSixOne elbow and knee gaurds, and they are heavy duty, and saved my butt last weekend. Wearing an actual brace would be too much on my leg(s)...........

Wish I had a rib protector, damh my ribs hurt. The chestprotector doesnt seem to cover that area.

the donjoys may be the right brace for some of you, but the latest issue of dirt rider rated them a 7 and a half out of 10. do not know how the asterisks would/have done, but I think I would buy asterisks if I were to buy any.

I would tend to agree however with the person above who stated that on a healthy knee, they don't do much. What can really mess you ligaments up is catching your boot on something and twisting your lower leg outwards and to the back. no brace will help you there. if they positively allowed no artificial movement of the knee, I would buy some, but since they cannot claim that and they cost as much as they do, I will just work out and keep my knees healthy and keep my fingers crossed.

I don't have knee braces, but for elbows I wear Solomons roller blade elbow pads. They're really comfortable (almost forget I have them on) and seem to provide plenty of protection. Knee pads come with the kit, but for knees I'm using Dr Bone Savers brand roller blade knee pads. They have a very large plastic guard (larger than the solomons) and lots of padding. They stay put very well, my only gripe is if you don't have them on just right the edge of the spandex sock that holds them on will rub your skin a bit raw after riding for a while. I'm sure this can be fixed easily, I just haven't gotten around to it.

I ordered a pair of asterisks today! I also purchased a pair of the EVS elbow guards as I believe that with the lycra mesh they may stay in place. I t really pi**es me off when after one lap my elbow guards are dangling around my wrist! Thanks for the input!

I had a CTI2 for 1 knee (due to past surgery) and an EVS 6 for my good(?) knee for prevention. The EVS was a little more uncomfortable, the CTI you never knew you were wearing it. Both seemed to give good support and confidence. Some SOB stole them, along with all my other gear, so I just ordered a pair of Asterisks. I have heard they are pretty good but haven't got to try them yet. Should have them next week and hopefully they are as good as I have heard and read. Will post some feedback once I have used them a couple of times (will see if they give me "confidence" to do the triple.LOL) :)

i know this subject has been done to death

but those of you with asterisk knee braces

keep an eye on the cables stops,

there has been a few people that have had broken cables without knowing.

(not slagging the brace off at all just making you aware so you know to keep a look out)

I have to chime in and say, at the very least wear some kind of elbow or knee pad. I just recently bought some cheap Thor elbow pads after dinging my elbow on a rock from a little tumble. My elbow looked like someone implanted a racquetball under my skin and hurt like hell! The doc drained 70cc of blood out of it. Yeah they are a nuisance and end up around your wrists if you dont keep them tight, but hey they work. Just the other day my son actually cracked the plastic knee cup on his cheap Thor knee and shin protector, but was laughing when he saw it. Saved a long agonizing trip to the emergency room.

I have received my Asterisks and I am initially impressed with them. I have yet to ride in them, but I am sure that they will make me more confident. I have also gone searching for some added leg and hip protection. It seems that every time I go down, I take the same hide off of my hip! Check out what I found! These have already saved me some skin:


They are listed on Ebay and there is currently an auction for them right now at the following URL:


I've got the EVS SX02 and they stink. Held by Velcro straps that just dig into my thigh (guess I have too much flab) and allow my knee to extend way more than I have them set, so under stress I'm sure my knee will still hyperextend. I wear them though, just in case.

Also, they are bulky over pants and prevent kneeing the gas tank and under pants on bare skin they chafe like hell - my blisters are still trying to heal.

Tried my Asterisk's for the first time tonight. Find them a little bulky(can barely fasten my boots) Also dig into my shin. I'll readjust them and see. Feel pretty good, support wise.

I love my Asterisks; no more sore knees from the stress of even crash free riding, no knee injuries dispite two big crashes that broke the patella cup on the knee braces. Asterisk customer support is outstanding, whenever I call needing replacement parts they ship me the stuff free (no shipping fee either), even when the part is a for a year old brace thats been crashed. Way exceeds my expectations.

Comfort is very good, no chaffing or rash, after the first ride you don't know you're wearing them.

Stock they are a bit hard on graphics. However, I've discovered an easy fix that also helps you grip the bike better. I attach a strip of biofoam (from the hip pad of an old pair of MX pants) to the inside lower strut (below the hinge) of the brace. Thus, whenever you're gripping the bike the load is spread across the foam, increasing the surface area in contact with the tank/shrouds.

My pants are two years old and have no damage from the braces and my tank graphics last plenty long. The ugly yellow caused by the outgassing of the fuel vapors forces me to replace them--not abrasion damage from the braces.

Get a pair. $550 is cheap compared to not being able to ride/walk/work for weeks or months. I'm sure that the braces won't protect against any possible injury, but than neither will a helmet. But, knowing that safety gear improves your odds of avoiding injury is reason enough to wear it.



I cracked my ribs a 'couple months ago and bought some football rib pads off of They work great! And are pretty cheap.

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