'00 YZ426 Boil over!?

After I finished a ride yesterday I was "putting" back to the trailer. Took about 10 minutes or more [riding along with my daughter on her PW80]. When I finally shut the bike down I was presented with a steaming run-out of coolant. It lasted only a few seconds then all seemed well.

Any ideas? Is this normal? [doubt it] Is there something I should be worried about? :thumbsup:

Just to let you know more than likely this is normal with all other factors being ok... This happened to me once when riding with my son.... The culprit i am sure for me is that when riding (putting) along with my son there is not enough air flowing into the radiator causing it to overheat... Almost like if you were setting still letting the engine idle

If you are going to ride with PW80's get a coolant recovery bottle that comes on the WR's to catch and replae the coolant. Also, you can use a 1.8 rad cap off a KX500 to keep the coolant in the radiator longer.

Sometimes, the stock rad cap looses it's seal and spring presure and a new stock cap can help as well.

Whew! That's what I was hoping [normal due to overheat and slow motion]. I'll look into some cooling options as suggested. One of the main reasons I switched from my CR125 to a 4-stroke was to be able to "putt" along with my kids... but also be able to kick it up when I'm not riding with them... so far... things are looking promising!

Thanks for the quick inputs! :thumbsup:

Just to let you know hat problem won't last long she'll get faster!! :thumbsup: mine did haven't boiled over since...

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