Anyone going to the X-GAMES

Just wondering if any of you are going to the x-games in Philly next week?

I'll be there....I was hoping to see Travis but it will still be cool without him. I want to see a backflip in person!


I'll be there all day 8/16 .. got box seats in the areana for BMX/Skate and possibly VIP (anyone that was there last year saw it) seating at FMX ... I'm anxious to see the backflip too .. also to see the Womens FMX exibition ...


I will be down on the 16th. Also looking forward to the backflip. No Pastrana though.

Sorry if you dont agree with me...The X games are about a 15 minute drive from my house. If pastrana was doing backflips 15 min from where you lived wouldnt you want to check it out? I really dont friggin care who's doing them. I like Pastrana and Id like to see him bust out a backflip and win. Too bad that he got hurt...I'll get over it....we can debate all day...he's still gonna do what ever he wants.

To me the x-games are nothing more then the dregs of our sport.

Kinda like the Bike rally in Hollister. Just some place I dont want to be...

Its not what they do but the yahoos that go and watch, 95% of them are freaking Osbourns

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"Its not what they do but the yahoos that go and watch, 95% of them are freaking Osbourns" - like 95% of your posts Ego.

You sound like your gettin old. I was at the x games last year, the majority of people that I saw were not bad at all....lots of families and people that looked and presented themselves as I do. Hey, Im a senior scientist at a large pharmacuetical company, commercial/instrument rated pilot and certified airframe and powerplant mechanic, husband and father of two. My wife doesnt work at my request to concentrate on raising our kids. If im a dreg for liking the x games, then Im getting rid of my bike and heading right to the bottom of the food chain buy buying a quad.


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Oh yea! Dont get me wrong. I would definatly go to the games if they were close to home.

Im just saying if travis keeps trying to push the bar higher and higher one of two things are going to happen:

1. Travis will just keep breaking bones and never get a title.

2. Suzuki will finally get fed up and Travis will just move on to another brand where they WONT sign him unless he drops the freestyle and dedicates himself soley to racing. Unless of course your desperate for factory riders. Such is the case with Suzuki this year.

My issue is not with the x-games, freestyle, or even the metal mushila. Just travis. I think that kid has sick talent and I want to see him use it somewhere besides doing backflips.

Leave those to Metzger and Hart.


I apologies for the post, that is why I removed it.

I was out of line

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Travis could just as easliy have gotten hurt racing. Travis is good for our sport and good for suzuki. I love to watch freestyle. I don't have the guts to do the tricks, but love to watch the other nuts do them. As far as being dregs, I don't buy that. Sure some are not the best role models, but can you say that all the people in racing are? I do think that Travis would be a great racer if he put his mind to it. However it is his life and he should live it like he wants to. I'm not sure that Suzuki should drop him because no matter what he does because he is a great rep for Suzuki. Maybe if he does not kill himself he will get back to racing.

Hey E.G.O,

What gives? I agree with FlyingGuitar. I was BMX Freestylin' back in the 80's when it was just developing. I still dig watchin' the kids on the pipes. I can't believe all the publicity (and $$) those kids/young adults are gettin'.

Anyway, I'm educated and I don't think I'm ignorant. In addition, I like bike rallies and would go to Hollister if I lived within 300 miles or so. I can hang with any crowd. Hardcore biker, MXer, PowerRanger, business crowd.

I bet you suck at MXing. Bahahaha


I bet you suck at MXing. Bahahaha

Your probably right :)

Hey you coming to Forest Hill :D Maybe we can find out Hummmmmmmmmm

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You know what guys?

I like to watch Pastrana as much as anyone else but dont you think he has went far enough with the freestyle thing?

I guess its his decision since its in his contract or whatever, but I love to watch him race soooooooooooo much more than freestyle.

Here a press release from a few weeks ago with a quote from Travis:

"Hey guys. There was no meeting and we are still on great terms... sorry to disappoint all the hype but everything is A OK. Sure we were all hoping for a better year and everyone's a little disappointed but Suzuki is fine with the freestyle thing as long as it doesn't interfere with racing."

Travis is still scheduled for the Gravity Games and X Games and will make a return to motocross at Millville.

Now flash forward a week or 2:

After Travis Pastrana took a convincing win in the freestyle portion of the Gravity Games, he took a hard dive in the Step-Up event.

In a note we sent to Travis congratulating him on the win (we were unaware of the crash) we asked him if he would still be at Millville. Here's the reply:

"Not now! Is their a wheelchair category? Torn ACL and LCL - full dislocation and partial tear of the pcl as well as a bone "defect" in the tibia. 4 - 5 months off."



Where data? Forest Hill? I'm way south in Texas, San Antonio to be exact. Wouldn't mind doing 2 or 3 laps on the track with ya; then arm pump would set in.

Originally posted by seymourbutts:

However it is his life and he should live it like he wants to.

I absolutley agree with this 100%. Good point.

However, if Travis keeps freestyleing, we might never get to see him do either again if he keeps getting hurt or worse. I just want to keep seeing him ride because he is one of the reasons I love to watch MX/SX so much. And with him gone ALL the time it takes a bit of the fun away.


You backed away from your statement so don't take this personally. I think what you said has some merit. But I don't think it's limited to FX events. Perhaps the worst behavoir is at the Outdoor Nationals. The only saving grace is they are so drunk by racetime they just look trashy and throw up occasionally. At Mt. Morris, they campers turned over and set a van on fire, complete with a privateer and his race bike. The racer and bike got pulled and weren't hurt but the behavior is reason enough to not go. Usually you can go to a race or event and avoid most contact with ***holes. You know the real kind, not the EGO***hole kind.

Good luck,



You are correct and have been able to stat what I failed to.

Its accross the board in all sports, Soccer, Football and so on. I thnk this is the generation we have raised a who cares, no responciblity I can do what ever I want and screw you attitude.

This Bad boy crap is just that crap and these supposed BAD BOY, crew cut, Tattoed litter freaks basicly have no brains..95% of them...The other 5% just follow an image

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why all the hatting on 4-wheelers, have you ever tryed to ride a 4-wheeler at the same pace as yu do your bike, probly not, hell you may have not even rode a sport style bike. they both have there ups nd down which is why ill have, and have had both. i just dont understand why every one hates hem so bad. maybe one of you guys can shed some light on this one for me


i have been to glamis three years now for thanks giving and 4 wheelers are the ones with the bad rap. some of those guys have an IQ of forest gump. on the subject of the x games, i being a 22 years old kid in a party town like PB in san diego, love it. it is my generations sports. my friends don't watch base ball. we some times watch a little basket ball or foot ball, but we skate, surf, and ride dirt bikes. the same type of people do all those sports. these are the sports we watch on tv and do every day. the x games is where the best of are generation come togather and do what we love. i went to it in San Fran and hope it comes to SD soon.


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