Keihin jets

Hey guys,

I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction. I'm trying to find genuine Keihin pilot jets for my 650L. I haven't been able to find a Honda part number for a 52 or 55 pilot.

Does anyone have this info or can tell me what style pilot it is and who you would recommend getting it from?



You can get them aftermarket from like DG or something. It's a type "21" keihin jet for Xr's. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but that should work.

Thanks Tim.

Does it also use the series 13 mains that they have listed?

I have a Honda number but an alternate source is always good!


Honestly I can't speak for the L's as they have the CV carb system. I would contact your local Honda Dealer and find out what series of jets you have in the bike. I believe there are 2-3 available. Then you can order them from any old shop and be fine.

That's why I'm here.

My local shop doesn't know anything other than what's on the screen. If they don't see it listed on the parts fiche for that bike then "Honda doesn't make one for it".

Totally clueless.


Try another dealer. Call one on the west coast. They have tons of experience with these bikes.

try this link

Go to the website and just get the phone #.

There's a thread around here somewhere that has the exact numbers- the only thing to watch for is that the pilot jet be the short one- I got a long one somehow, which works fine and maybe even misses less on the really bumpy stuff, but if you use the long one you have to trim the pink slosh-guard because it can cover thye end of the long jet.


Thanks guys! :thumbsup:


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