Colorado or Bust

I watched one of the videos in the general forum about riding the Rampart Range area in Colorado. Now I'm ready to drive up and ride.

I'm in Arizona now and have a 250f and 450f that we just race motocross on. Any suggestions on what we would need to do to get our bikes ready for Colorado? Like Jetting for the Rampart area, what it takes to make our pretty much stock bikes legal? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



if i were you i'd go to at least woodland park or better yet grand junction. rampart is crowded and you have regular head on collisions with people going the other way. grand junction has huge, loose hillclimbs. woodland park is by colo springs and way better than rampart. :thumbsup:

As the other poster stated Rampart is crowded, but mainly on the weekends. On the week days you can get some good rides in up there. Some fun stuff.

If your really into off road stuff about the best place in the state is Taylor Park. Lot's or rocks and some tight trails.

Where you go depends on what type of riding you like. If Rampart is your style enjoy :thumbsup:

Sorry can't help with exact jetting but if your at the lower elevations of AZ I would go 2 leaner on your main, 1 leaner on your needle clip and pilot. But I would bet some guys with the exact settings will respond.

You will also need a spark arrestor and an off road sticker from your state or Colorado.

It's been ten years but I used to ride around the Hackets gulch area a lot. I lived in the Black Forest/Colorado Springs area for over twenty years. I was told by merf that Hackets and the surrounding area have been burnt pretty badly. I also used to race pretty much all of the RMEC races back then.

I've gotten old and have given up enduros and just ride motocross now. Hopefully I'll be able to handle my 450f in the woods. Living in Arizona I don't get to see trees very often.

So where do I get the Off Road Stickers? Do I have to have the bike inspected to get it? Can I get it ahead of time thgough the mail.

Thanks for the info,


Taylor Park and Woodland park are a must! Rampart is wooped out bad and very crowded. :thumbsup:

Yeah, where can one get the off road stickers. Here in Texas we don't have them, and I may be heading to Colorado towards the end of August for some riding. Would appreciate any info on the matter.

The off road stickers are handled through the Colorado State Parks and I believe they have all the info on there about getting one. You should be able to do a search for thier website and it's in the same area as boat registration.

Hackets is gone because of the Haymen fire. We hope to see it back sometime but who knows. The enduro that was up there was Pikes Peak and it's been about 4 years since we ran that one. In my opinon there isn't a lot of difference between Rampart trails and Woodland Park/Divide trails. Lot's of traffic at both on the weekends but they both have some nice stuff to ride depending on what your looking for.

Your YZ is a rocket ship for the woods but just use your head and you will be fine. If you get in some real tight stuff, not much at either of those trail systems unless you know where to look, then the gearing should be ok.


You can get your permits here

Thanks for the link

I just got back from a week of Colorado and it was awesome. We stayed in the Buena Vista/Salida area. Rode Tincup Pass, Hancock Pass, Gunnison Pass, Rode from Buena Vista to Salida. Great Riding but noticed several area are closed from 2 years ago. We went to the ranger station in Salida and they had the stickers.

Did they inspect your bike, for spark arrestor? What paper work did you need, title, registration?


> Did they inspect your bike, for spark arrestor? What paper work did you need, title, registration?

OHV permits require no inspection, that's why you can buy them online. You need only your VIN.

You'll be inspected randomly by the FS for SA's. Don't ride without one, they DO check.


I looked into the pro moto billet and that's most likely the way we will go for the SAs.

Thanks for all the info


just wondering, i bought a fmf replacement SA screen then got a FIM endcap which its compatible with. but theres no stamp that says its usfs(?) approved, can a park ranger nail me for that? :thumbsup:

No paperwork, My brother-in-law walked in and said he needs 4 stickers they ask what make of bikes and he didn't know (smart brother-in-law)so they wrote on the sticker yamaha with a question mark. I think it was 15.50 each sticker.

You do not need one if your bike is street legal.

Here is the ultimate riding triangle....Crested Butte, Aspen, with Taylor Park, and the Gunnison riding area, with the capabilities of riding all the way to Ridgeway, Ouray and Telluride. It has plenty of double track, and the largest assortment of single track of all varying skill levels. If you need high altitude jetting specs, call Sun Sports in Gunnison....970-641-0883. They are the only shop in colorado that actually jets bikes properly before they sell them. I Cant remember off the top of my head what jets I have in my 426 right now. But they can tell you what you need for 8000ft+, and for riding the east slope.

YES. You can be Nailed, and they are giving out pretty stiff fines for not being USFS legal. Especially with the current fire danger.

YES. You can be Nailed, and they are giving out pretty stiff fines for not being USFS legal. Especially with the current fire danger.

thats stupid. i know my bike is spark arrested, but i have to spend $50 on another endcap, just for that stamp. nevermind that the screen is the spark arrester, and seperate from the stamped endcap. :thumbsup:

I have been inspected by local (Teller County Sherrif), State (Colorado State Parks), and Federal (USFS) on my BRP (XR650R) without a problem, my HRC endcap that DOES NOT have a USFS stamp because it is 1/2" too deep to meet the USFS standard on the spark arestor.

If you are not doing something stupid that gets the rangers to inspect your bike with a fine tooth comb, as long as your bike has a spark arestor you are fine.

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