I Hate To Do It But..................

I put my BRP in the for sale forum today and it is loaded with goodies.It is gently used and scary fast. This is killin me....

why :thumbsup:

why :thumbsup:

Yeah why? :thumbsup:

Injury and subsequent surgery force me to sell and get something smaller and wimpier.Tore up left wrist and they fused it(no movement).Doc says no more motorcycles,but you know we can never quit so I need something lighter and slower for a while(therapy).

That sucks dude :thumbsup: , sorry to hear it.. Did you get hurt on your bike or was it something else ?

Fell through roof @ work it's been a while ago,just been hangin on to the thought of riding it like I used to.Reality sux.

Sorry to hear that man. Humans are fragile beings. Sux to be one.

Tell me about it.To add insult to injury my for sale post disappeared overnight.I need to move the scooter so that I can get something smaller and get back out there.

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