Just installed K&N filter and the FMF power up kit and WOW!!!

I just got it installed and took it for a test run. Instant throttle response, no bog whatsoever, power gain throughout the power band. Well worth the $80. I am very happy. The bike runs better than ever. :thumbsup:

Pavalkod did you just come off of a CRF 450 2004?

Other the the hit, how does the 04 YZF compare - I am curious.






also is the K&N the foam filter or the element filter like the auto filter?

I've got the same questions as Ga426owner.

I had an 02 CRF the CRF handles better. The CRF is much easier to ride but the Yamaha makes up for what it lacks by power. The suspension is about the same. I really cant tell what one is better :thumbsup: I prefer the yzf because of the power :devil:

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