Exhaust test in Europe

Moto X, a German dirtbike magazine just did a test on a 426 YZ to compare all exhausts.

The following is just a resume of the article:

Not in the test because no exhaust available or not wanting to participate:

Dr D, PC, Lazer, SPES, Doma, White Bros, DSP, Yoshimura and BIG GUN.


45.7 HP @6600rpm (at wheel I think)

42.8Nm @6600Rpm



48.1 HP @ 8900rpm

44.6NM@ 6250 rpm

2.3 kg


47.3 HP @ 9100rpm

41.5NM@ 7200 rpm

2.9 kg


45.8 HP @ 8000rpm

43.9NM@ 6400 rpm

3.4 kg


46.8 HP @ 8350rpm

43.7NM@ 6600 rpm

3.4 kg

LeoVinci X3:

46.7 HP @ 8900rpm

44.0NM@ 6600 rpm

3.4 kg

FMF Titanium powerbomb

46.7 HP @ 8950rpm

43.9NM@ 6350 rpm

2.5 kg

The mag was very positive about the Akrapovic, and from my experience on road race bikes, these do work well.

I just think it's a shame no more USA brands were in the test, that way I would know where our European brands are compared to what you guys are riding.

I think I might get myself a Akrapovic system, I'm just unsure how to adjust the jetting if needed. Any help is welcome

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