bike will not back up in neutral ?!?

Check the chain guide. If the chain is bunching up into the guides (sprocket front and back, sliders etc.) it might hinder reverse motion. Other than that...... I cant imagine the problem being in the motor.

What size of rear sporket do you have?

can you roll the rear tire backwards with it on the stand?

thanks for all the advise, im running a 51 tooth rear sproket, i checked my sprocket bolts and they are fine, I havent got it on a stand yet so maybe ill try that here in a bit. I was thinking maybe a shift fork got bent or something, but it still shifts smooth, so i don't know. thanks for all the advise though everything listed are things i havent checked yet.



after a long practice on my 98yz400 i was about to load it on my trailer and it would not backup at all, I thought something was bent but after inspecting it nothing is apparently wrong it only does this in neutral, it will back up in gear with the clutch in but thats all, ive noticed no change while riding it, still shifts smooth, engages goood like it always has. I thought i would stop by here and ask you guys, youve helped me before and i hope you can do it again, thanks again.



Is there a sproket bolt hanging out by any chance that got loose, hitting the swingarm when it rotates, this happend to me once left a nice groove in the swingarm

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Strack, could it possibly be the rear shock mudflap jamming in the knobs of the rear tyre? This has happened to me a few times over the years on different dirt bikes, it will only grab when you're wheeling the bike backwards.

Really strange problem.. The only additional thing I can think of is, is your chain and/or sprockets pretty worn? I've seen really worn chain/sprocket sets that will roll forward OK but when rolled backwards the chain binds up with the sprocket. Just a stab in the dark..

Take the chain off. Does the bike roll now? You should also be able to put you fingers on the countershaft sprocket and roll it easily forward and backwards if its in neutral.


I bet it is the chain into the chain guide. I noticed on mine that for some reason the mudflap would get "turned inside out" everytime I rolled it backward, and I couldn't think of any reason why it would start doing that. Then it hit me. I remembered that I had geared down to a 51T rear sprocket. Even that small 2-tooth change gave me some problems getting the rear wheel on with the sprocket now tighter up into the chain guide. I also had to sort of "unkink" the chain and put tension on it to get it to align and flow into the guide. After that initial install, no problems except for the mudflap flipping out.

OK-Now that I think about it, that wouldn't be the culprit if it will back up in gear with the clutch pulled in.

Try this: In nuetral, pull the clutch in and see if it will roll back. That will tell you right there if it is inside the case/motor or not. :)

it will back up in gear with the clutch in but thats all, ive noticed no change while riding it,

If this is true then taking the chain off or spinning the back wheel on a stand is not the issue. It sounds more mechanicle with the clutch itself.

He states that it backs up with the clutch in and in gear. This means that something is not right in the gearbox or clutch basket. Take the case off and inspect that clutch real good. In fact take the clutch off complete and tray and roll the bike backwards.

Thats my $4,26 worth

thanks for the advise. the bike will not back up in neutral even with the clutch pulled in, it will only back up in gear, as far as the chain guide goes, unless something inside is binding it up its not the guide causing this, I just put new rk x-ring chanin and sunstar sprockets on about month ago and did not change sprocket sizes from what was on there before. I did change manufactures though but i hardly think that would be the problem. I agree with ego, as bad as i hate to i guess i'll have to tear into the cluch and see whats going on in there it is the original so maybe thats it. Thanks again

i would guess the chain is too loose and jamming up in the guide

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