Does the UK (or Euro) WR450 have the throttle stop restrictor???


No answers??

I don't know. :thumbsup:

The european version does not have the the large throttlestop installed neither do we have the grey wire.

This is due to the fact that we don't have the same pollution laws as they do in USA. What we don't have is the spark arrestor in our muffler wich makes it a little bit harder to buy inserts etc. Our silencer is welded.

Hope this helps

Just a funny thing though...

When you buy the highway kit wich is a kit from Yamaha with all you need to make the bike street legal in Sweden. It includes a new E-marked headlight, plug and play wireharness (no splicing and cutting like BD or Trick), horn, lefthand control, flashers etc. But you also get the longer throttlestop, a leaner jet and a new jet needle. This is to restrict the maximum rpms to 8500 and to bring the noiselevel down. The allowed db according to my registration title is 80db(A) while driving and 88 db(A) while standing still. The top speed given by the manufacturer (Yamaha) is 140km/h. Of course everyone I know of don't install the "choke kit". And since we have a richer jetting standard on our bikes I can tell you that this bike rips on the highway. After I mounted Pirelli MT-21 and got the tires balanced it handles pretty well too.

MY UK 04 cme restricted with the long throttle stop and weaker needle etc. As said, they come unrestricted, then the dealer restricts them if they are being registered!! Crazy, they wont supply it as std!

Thanks guys

When you buy from the dealer can u also buy the unrestricted parts as part of the deal??

My "restrictive" parts came in a box with the bike. I guess the dealer knew it would be removed anyway. A standard needle and jet + yz throttle stop should be available from every Yamaha dealer? Here in Sweden the government inspects our vehicles on regular basis. For new motorcycles its every fourth year. So my WR is due for inspection May 2008.

By then, if I still own this bike I will have the restrictive parts installed.

My uk bike came unrestricted and i thought my WR 400 was fast.

I is very much a race bike i would be happy trail ride at about 50 mph.

but is brilliant !!!!!!!!!!

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