Acerbis airbox covers, how do you guys like them?

Has anyone tried out an Acerbis or TwinAir airbox washing guard? it takes place of your airfilter and then you can wash your airbox. i bought one but havent had the guts to put it on the bike and try it out yet.

have you noticed any leaks around the edges where it seals or any other complaints from it?

I've often thought about buying one and I figured I would try washing it with the subframe off the bike and try to spot leaking out of the air box while it was removed better to be safe than sidlined)

I have the Acerbis model for my yz250f. Used it

on my yz250 and then transfered it's use to the f.

This is one of those items that after I got it,

I wondered why I didn't get it earlier. It

takes the mess out of wiping the airbox. Mine

has never leaked water. Spray your simple green

in the airbox and subframe and wash away the dirt.

It's that easy....


I use mine all the time both for personal use and my bike shop use. Makes for easy clean up of the air box with the pressure washer if you want.

thump and Bleakly, it would seem to me even if it did leak, it would have to leak less than a foam airfilter right?

Not flaming, just letting logic get the best of me again.

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