Safe to open up?

Guys, I'm seriously scared to open my bike up in high RPMs in any gear, especially 5th. It's just that ive had so many problems with the bike from not beating it, the cam chain jumped, valves hitting piston, so naturally im afraid to open up. New valves in it now along with cam chain, so is it safe? I just need some reassurance that I can open it up and not worry about it blowing up, or messing up anything. I really want to feel what full throttle 5th gear is like :thumbsup:

I dunno... How good did you do the repairs?


There's only one way to find out...

Either open it up or sell it while it still runs and get another. :devil:

There is only one way to find out! Twist it open and hold on! :thumbsup:

I dunno... How good did you do the repairs?

:thumbsup: Thats about the size of it.

If you did the repairs properly, it'll be quite happy to bounce off the limiter. If you didnt do the repairs properly, it will fail, you rev it or not.

Well I put 4, 5 hours riding days, so I guess its safe. Time to open er up, finally.

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