How long before running semi-synthetic oil?

Just wondering how long (miles or oil changes) you guys go before changing to semi-synthetic oil? I was thinking maybe 4-5 oil refills of full mineral oil before the semi-synthetic, would this be OK? Thanks, Chris.

As long as it takes for the valves to seat properly. :)

Solets pose another question

What about Rebuilds if you have been running Synth Oil and now rebuilt the motor or did a valve job

Should you run a petrol or meineral based oil before synth.....?

I use what ever is handy in the garage.

Ah ignorance is bliss!

Ego, when a motor is rebuilt it essentially needs to be broken in again. So, yes, you would have to use regular oil to start with.

I have been using motul semi-synthetic after the 3rd oil change and while I haven't had the bike long enough to see any long term damage, it seems to be doing just fine.

I run Golden Spectro on the 3rd oil change. Never had a problem and I'v had a total of 6 new dirtbikes/sport bikes/atv's.

Thanks to all who replied, I think i'll go to synth' after 3rd or 4th oil change.

Running good old Yamalube 20W40 in all ourbikes for the last two years, no problems, no clutches, cheap enough to change regularly. I've also ran the motul semi syn and the belray semi syn in the past, also with no problems. It all seemsto get dirty just as fast and needs changing just as often, the yamalube is cheaper

Each bike that you listed has slightly different oil specifications. This is usually bases on the type and size of your motor you are running. Temp also plays a part in the selection process. But without getting technical like the manufactures. Look, it come down to this, people are paying way to much for motor oil because it has the some name on it as your bike. As long as it meets the manufactures specification you'll be fine. You can buy oil that meets all the manufactures specifications for as little as 97 cents a QT. instead of paying 6 to 10 dollars a QT, buy the non motorcycle brand change the oil every two rides and you will way ahead of the game. You will save so money and your bike will never know what old oil is. The same goes for synthetic blends. For specific questions on a specific bike let me know, each bike is different. Example Honda CRF 450 vs. WR 426 due to the fact that handa has two different oil chambers.

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