Revised: Dont buy, 450 has problems!!!!

That is the crf. The problem is they are **** , actually my friend had a 2002 one and He had trouble w/it. It kept overheating and when he took it back they said there is nothing wrong. Well 1hr riding it overheated in 60 degree weather. Also he constantly had to check the oil after each moto, because it got low and there was no sign of it burning the oil!!!

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Would you care to explain, or was it just a dream :) ???

More useless garbage :) ....Mods?





Yeah he ain't too smart is he? If he was a REAL rider he would not post such ignorant crap and realize it is the rider that makes the bike.

He probably never even uses full trhottle on his bike, should just trade it in and get a moped or something to cruise his driveway with.

I have ridden and now owned both bikes. Both kick butt for MX. Period.

Hehe, look at his signature, he can't even spell properly!

"-Pro-Circut suspencion" HEHE, what is suspenCION?

"-N-syyle backrounds" OH goodness, what is sYYLe?

Do us a favor moron, Go away.

FYI I came in 6th overall in the 2001 nationals 125cc on my bills racing rm 125. I am already sponcered by acerbis plastic,n-style,IRC tires and holeshot cycles. I now own a 2002 yz426 w/a 450 bore kit dr.d wet sump kit, dr.d pipe, dr.d hot start, hot cams, polished swing arm and cases. Come up here and Ill show you how to ride.

And sorry for forgetting to update my profile Ill do it know!!!!!!!!!!

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Really?? :D What factory team do you ride for?? :)

Pavalkod, there is no use in stirring up this debate here has been beat to death. Both bikes are awesome, even though I favor blue. If you remember the 98 400 was not the most dependable ride for a 1st yr bike...

Here is the story, I now ride for a motorcycle repair shop. The owner of the shop sponcers me . He will fix up my bike and get it ready for the race. We race together but he is better. I am not a factory rider, but the owner of the shop(who I race w/is close to getting one)He made it to the 250cc nationals for 4 straight years, I only made it once.

Really?! Well nice to meet you TRAVIS!!!

"FYI I came in 6th overall in the 2001 nationals 125cc on my bills racing rm 125. "

You should really do some research before you lie. It makes you look stupid.

Team Suzuki's Travis Pastrana finished the 2001 125cc Outdoor Nationals in 6th place.

You are probably one of those guys with fox stickers on everything you own.........but no bike. I bet you even have a 3 foot "LBZ" sticker in the back window of your truck, don't you poser?

Go back to your room and play with the barbies you stole from your little sister.

Originally posted by pavelkod:

FYI I came in 6th overall in the 2001 nationals 125cc on my bills racing rm 125.

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Your name is Travis Pastrana!?!?

Heal up quick you jerk nut!

PS - You live in Maryland not Pennsylvania.

[ August 09, 2002: Message edited by: Hokie ]

What is your national Number there PumelODD

Would like to know your number to see just what ranking you really are TROLLL

[ August 09, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Why don't run down that list of mods you got on that spiffy bike again sport.

If Suzuki took you to 6th in the nation, why would you want to ride a Yamaha????

I think the better part of you ran down your moth.......well, you know the rest. :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ya'll are ruthless :)

geeeeeez can't we all just get along? dont let them get you's 20 bucks to cheer you up, now you can go to the store and buy the "Hooked on Phonics" and a box of "tampons"...lyin sissy mary

Of course he's Travis.

I'm Tim Ferry!

Tim "beezer" Ferry.

The amature nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I ride the nationals also. I'm short and have red hair, but I used to be stocky. I ride a CR250 but may switch to a CRF. I won a few SX's this year but nothing to impressive, just a championship. Oh and by the way my nomber is a big 4. Have you heard of me?? :D:):D

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