Revised: Dont buy, 450 has problems!!!!

OUCH!!!! You guys are mean, but pavelkod...... you earned it. :):D:D

(Hurry up and blame it on the pain meds pavel!!) :D

Originally posted by pavelkod:

Here is the story, I now ride for a motorcycle repair shop. The owner of the shop sponcers me . He will fix up my bike and get it ready for the race. We race together but he is better. I am not a factory rider, but the owner of the shop(who I race w/is close to getting one)He made it to the 250cc nationals for 4 straight years, I only made it once. said that you "made it to the nationals only once"...heh...well, going and watching a national does not make you a fast rider. Yoou actually have to ride in it!

And that 6th place you got must have been in weeny-licking cuz you shure aint no mx racer.


Having raced AMA District 6 MX (Eastern PA) for 4 years, please tell me ALL the tracks in District 6.

Tell me about the starts (up to the first corner) and the finish lines at:

1 - Shippensburg

2 - Sleepy Hollow (Fredrickburg)

3 - Berwick

4 - Trailways

5 - Pagoda

6 - Evansville

After you correctly answer these questions, we'll go on from there!


the person in dist. 6 running #121 only has 8 pts and the address of that person does not match what is in your profile!

What is your real #?

Are you an Mxer or a scrambler/hounder? :)

I think the crap is sooooooo deep here that the only way to the truth is with a toilet plunger! :)

What happened what are you all talking about what am I talking about, those pain meds must been affecting and I dont remember anything. Oh its all coming back my name is tim ferry and I race,FYI I am a pro racer.


I just spent 30 minutes checking you in search by member number.

You claimed to be riding a DRZ400 and every other post is how you whipped the full size YZ's and WR's in a race.

For the past month you claim to be riding a 2002 YZ426 but then you claim to be selling the DRZ to buy a YZ450.

Keep your lies straight, its hard to keep up with them all.

I think Travis said it the best when you told him how you whip the KTM520



Originally posted by pavelkod:

Please buddy I blow away stock520s w/my 2002 yz426!!!


Yeah but only when he's on his knees.



AMA D-37 Vet am GP# 2002 v7

00 520sx (6speed)

I know your just a kid so I'll give you some advice from someone who's just an adult.

Never let your lips and tongue put you in a spot you'll never lie your way out of.

Once branded a liar or a thief, its a reputation you'll never shake.

I don't care what you do with it, because myself and most every other member here will never believe a thing you post again.

This pavelkod guy is so full of Sh*t his eyes are brown. He's probably never raced before, and he probably takes his '82 CR 250 to the practice and wheelies up and down the pits like hes hot crap. He a frickin pit squid.

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