Well I have one thing to complain about on my bike......and its that the shifter it too small. Well at least for me anyways. I am 15 yrsd and stand at 6foot8. I ride with size 16boots and find that I have to really tweak my foot to shift. Ive moved out the shifter all the way it can go.?????? :thumbsup: What should I do?

Get a smaller foot??? :thumbsup:

So do I have to fab up a shifter?

So do I have to fab up a shifter?

Sure sounds like it. If you cant weld it will probly cost about 20-30 bucks. Oh yeah if you have the stock aluminum one you need to get a steel one.

You can also try some fastway evolution footpegs. you can flip the collars and mount them in the low position about 3/4 inch lower and 3/4 inch back. I am 6'4" and size 13 and it help me.

There is a company that makes replacement folding tips in different lengths, they look trick and do offer more foot room. Cant remember their name. There was a write up about them in one of the paper rags.

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