Who has quit riding then gotten back into it?

I took a 2 year break. I had an 80 for a few years then my only riding buddy moved away and riding became boring so I sold my bike. Got to highschool met new people who rode, bought another bike and got back into it.

GOT A 4 YR OLD ON A PW50 GOT A 8 YR OLD ON A TTR 90.....GOT TIRED OF CHASIN' THE LITTLE ****ERS AROUND.the fat old man needed a 4 stroke....plus an aftermarket kickstand.have been riding consistantly for almost 30 yrs.only back into serious dirt these past 2 yrs.

2001 ttr 90

2000 pw 50

2000 yz426 fmf pipe aftermarket hot start otherwise stock

raced as a kid had to quit to pay for collage. Kids mortgage yada yada yada divorce. I got remarried to a great girl. Went to Lake Geneva to see the snowcross races. they had a display of dirt bikes and man I knew I had to try riding one more time. I used the only cash I had left over from my divorce and as I turned 37 I bought a used YZ to see if I still liked it.

Needless to say I'm like an addict. I've been racing 30B although last weekend I raced vintage for the first time and got a 2nd. Now I'm like that coke addict looking at an 03 CRF. I'm trying to pull the trigger and get one but finances are holding me back. Anyhow I'm 40 now and slow as heck. Its still the thing that makes me the happiest. Once I'm out there all the stress of my life leaves. It really makes me feel young again. well until the next day anyhow

This is an awful story, and I am sorry for this, but here goes.

My Father had fallen (in the hospital) and hurt his head. He was going to die, it was a matter of when. I am sitting outside of the hospital, smoking a cig, thinking about the old memories.

95% of them had to do with us riding together. Dirt, Street, it really did not matter. I too stopped for 10 years due to injuries.

I hoped someday my nephew could think of me and have the same fond memories. I bought a YZ 250 a few days after my father died. I wont stop riding again. I honestly do not care if my health will not let me ride hard. The doing is the important part for me.

As soon I got my drivers license I rode a motorcyle. went back and forth from street to trail. Got married young and the wife always accused me of being selfish if I went off to ride leaving her home with the kids.

Decided to get out of it and ended up being a single parent.

Started messing with Dune buggy's and then the kids started working and dating so I was always driving with a empty seat. Decided I could cover more ground faster on a dirt bike so got back in.

Now that I have covered most of the trails in my area I am starting to get the itch for a street bike. I am thinking I will be going back and forth unless I get own one of each. Was even thinking of the supermotard route... guess it is just in my blood.

You just can't get the power to weight ratio and all around excitment from a reasonable priced car!

Started in 1971 when I was 16 on a yamaha MX-125 Flat Tracker. Stayed with it till a torn A.C.L. in 74 (Bultaco 125 Persang). Boy did that bike love to go sideways.

Put it away for 2 years and got back on em for another 4 years. MX-250, YZ-400 & IT-465.

Put them away for "10" years before I started riding again. Now I don't think I'll ever give it up. I know how to go fast enough to scare myself with out "KILLIN" myself. :)

After trail riding and play racing for a half dozen yearsI raced like a looney (two classes every weekend) for most of '76, 77 and '78. I quit in late '78, due to lost interest, moving in with my girlfriend--later wife--and a return to the music scene (back then there weren't too many musicians into motocross). Though, I think about riding again often, it's only recently, at 44, that I've had the time, the money and the garage to move ahead with those thoughts. I plan to pick up a YZ426 next month.

Why wait? (or should I say why weight?) The deal I cut with my wife is that I have to be 15% body fat or less before I get a bike. I'm getting close now, and in reality it's a really good deal, because if I'm going to ride and not get hurt, I need to be in good shape. I've training like a mad fool (I'm eager, okay?) with weight lifting, cycling and yoga (really a good way to help prevent injuries).

So look for me out there starting in October. I'll be the good-looking stud with the six-pack (that would be of the Coors Light persuasion--you don't think I'm going to keep up with this training bull**** once I've got my bike do you?)

Well here goes,

I bought my first bike in 1970, a used 1969 DT1 250 Yamaha for $600.00. Stripped it down to make a "real Dirt Bike " out of it. I rode that pile till 1973 and bought a brand new 250 Ossa SDR.. I thought I had the world by the tail, Two years later I picked up a used Wr400 Husqvarna. I rode it till 1979 and sold it. I was going to buy a TT500 but it just never happened.. Fast forward to 1998 and friend offers me a 1985 XT350 so I took the plunge and bought it.In July of 1999 I bought my current scoot a 1999 WR400f that I ride the hell out of. Now here I am 56 years old and am no. 1 on my dealers list for a new WR450..

My middle daughter says I am going through a phase in my life and she is right. The Fun Phase.

Some ones signature on here said" You're never to old for a happy childhood" Boy ain

't that the truth. Jim

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