Australian TT

Hey Guys and Gals,

We are two weeks away from the ride of a life time... I received a call late last night from a very interested rider. He is interested in the night ride. That was a pleasant phone call and I would like to re-assure thjis gentlemen that the ride is at the discretion of all parties present. Whatever we want to do we can do... As long at it is reasonably legal.. :)

I will post full directions this time next week.

Luv you all,


Hey Mitch, how many definates do you have?

I've got twenty so far, but its starting to snowball. Rode down at Gormandale this weekend just to check it out, They've had a lot of rain but its starting to dry out and Bob is going to keep me posted on the weather. In any case I have a contingencey plan as far as the weather goes.

To qualify for the nightride you have to;

Drink copius amounts of booze

Jump the camp-fire (on bike) at least once

ride through the witches hats with great finess

And lastly be able to scream like a complete madman while completing all the above.

Hey there Splint,

I have about 10 confirmations and about another 5 to 10 possibles... This is going to be flippin crazy fun.... So, how was the riding this weekend? Muddy? Is it rutted out and dredged due to all the rain?

Call me tomorrow


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