Has anyone tried the Gaerne RX2 boots?

What's a good boot under $200?

Used Alpine's Tech 8.

Right now at www.bobscycle.com you can get the Fox Forma Comp boots for $175. I just got a pair and they seem like a pretty good boot for the price.

As for the RX2, it is well made and comfortable, but you probably don't want to use that for serious riding or anything moto-related. It doesn't have nearly the support of the (unfortunately) more expensive competition models like their SG1, the Tech 6 (or 8) etc.

I have the Gaerne RX2 and "G" boot. The RX2 is very comfortable and lighter than the "G". The G however has much more support. I think that the RX2 is an excellent boot but would agree it doesn't have the support that others do.

I'd rather always wear my RX2's but the protection factor makes me put on the "G".

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