Get A load of the whinner or wenner

I LOVE the response you gave EGO!!!

I don't ride half as much as some of these people but I love it when I do. I think that one time I DO go, weather it's 2 weeks or 2 days, makes it all worth while nonetheless!!

Since when was money an option anyways?

If it's a passion..DO IT TILL YA DROP!!!!! :)

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Your absolutly right, I ride becouse I love it, I spend great time with my kids and make new friends.

The guy obviously has no clue???

I didn't see any whining in this guy at all. I feel the same way sometimes.....I spend a fortune on riding. Now my son is in the picture. It's 2X the $ now....

My wife and I together make decent money but we sure don't live in a huge house driving expensive new cars to work either.

It's easy to see how someone could get frustrated with the high costs in this sport.

First rule is to count the cost if you cant handle it dont do it.

It is bull crap in my opinion that someone start complaining of the cost of something after the fact.


Fishing cheap???

Not fly fishing, those rods are $$$$.

Not as bad as MX though!

Right now, for me, being "broke" has nothing to

do with $$$$, and all to do with healing up!

I'd much rather have it the other way around and be RIDING! :)

If you love something that is a passion to you, I don't see how expenses would make all that much of a difference. I mean if you love the sport you'll get creative with your budget, or keep an eye out for the great deals on parts, or something like that.

To me, money isn't the focal point for me to want to love this sport. I love it cuz it's something I crave and hunger for more and more.

When you crave something that much, you just don't sweat the small sheet!

Just like being Married :)

Thats a good point though Fly-N

Another one is why do you have to spend on the lastest and greatest to enjoy something. Even at the amature levels of racing you dont need to go and spend 400 bucks on an air box, or 600 bucks on suspension. Geez its moderation, use the imaginatin, fogure it out and make it work with what you got. Ya go broke becouse you think, If Only I by this I will be as fast as....

It dont work that way...

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Go read my reply to this loser, it might be harsh but it's the way I feel.

Typicle Vegas Style :)

Yep..right to the point!

Hope that helps with his $ 'problem'.

COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!!

Let's call a spade a spade! All those Wendy Whiners are really just pissed that they are RIDING RED. I guess we all can't have BLUE BLOOD.

Those poor cretins!!!


I normally don't even pay attentiion to the other boards but I followed your link to the thread. I could not help but reply. I cannot for the life of me figure out what would make a man whine like that. He has a neat scoot, a wife that enjoys riding and a means to pay for his hobby. If you don't want to pay don't ride. It is plain and simple. :D .

I really enjoyed your reply and the other replies on this thread. You guys make riding fun :)


Bill Barnard

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Yep, you Blue guys tell it like it is, that's why I hang out here so much. :)

My bike is so stock it looks plain.

My budget is $100 per month for anything that is bike related (insurance and license fees are covered out of the general budget).

I spend money on maintenance items mostly and ride all over the desert for free.

What a weasel!

Think of all the people that have real problems to deal with.

Anyway EGO I emptied both barrels into him.

Hey the more you make the more you spend! I've got 3 boy's age's 7,8,15 i've got 5 bike's in my garage and i'm happy as hell to be able to share my love for riding with my boy's.They're already are addicted just like dad. I'll be motorcycle poor the rest of my life and i could care less.

I agree with evil. I have four bike to maintain and I love every minute of it! I do not have alot of money but thank goodnees wife loves to ride as much as I do or NONE of this is possible. We try to get out as much as we can but like its been said, I am a junkie and so is the rest of my family. This is a great sport to get your whole family involved. We have done more in the last year as a family since starting this great sport than in the last 10 years combined. If this jerk off wants to complain about the cost of the sport he just needs to get the ?#$@ out! Just my 426 cents. There, now I feel better!

Its all relative. I bought my 2000 426 because I was tired of putting money into my 88 Cr500. Told the wife, "Honey if I get a newer bike I wont have to spend as much money fixing it all the time" ya right, since I bought the 426 ive spent more on it than I did buying the 500. Hell, I could have replaced the 500 for what my parts bill would be on the 426. But ya know what, I dont care. I work my ass off just so I can go out and get an hour or two a week at the moto track. I steal time from work, so I dont have to steal time from the family. Stealing the time from work doesnt cost me anything monetarily so its a no-brainer. I went into my chosen field with a purpose, as it is totally what I put into it, and not time for money. So I make my money, and ski-dattle on out fer fun. Ive been known to take calls at the track via the cell phone and close deal there too so it works.

When you guys set up your lives, you must think about what it is you want your life to do, and structure it accordingly. I did it. You can too. I figured this all out on my own too, as I have not a single college credit to my name, and still make over a 100k per year. I carry no debt, have perfect credit, and was out of work for a year, because I wouldnt take a job that wouldnt satisfy my needs, financially or otherwise. I didnt settle, no one should. Sometimes **** happens, sometimes you gotta make it happen.

That dude complained because I just got a warning for my post and pm I sent him. The whole thread is gone too.

Oh well, I guess he didn't like the responses his question recieved??? :)

He sounds like my wife.....Hell I even caught her trying to sneek out the door this past Friday with a check for an insurance settlement....1/3rd off the top towards the new Tires for the YZ....

Boy was she pissed.... :)

But I got my new tires on Saturday.

Bonzai :D

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