Get A load of the whinner or wenner

Vegas, I might just take it a little bit further and suggest that maybe just maybe there was a insie winsie little chance that your post was a little just a little bit lets just say "CRAP"

Ya got the nak vegas :)

I am always there to add my stupid comments.

Sometimes I can't resist the bait though.

Why not just let the dude whine? Most of you guys sound like a wanna-be MC the way you guys jumped him. You know, "...we all kick a$$ and can kick yours too if you don't think the way we do". Wha-wha-wha! My bikes blue and yours isn't, so you suck. What? I'm not defending him and not trying to get in a flame war. But c'mon. Maybe that guy just laid the bait and most fell for it.

No doubt everybody would like more coin...but you'd spend it and be at the same financial equilibrium you are now. Who cares anyway? He'll drop the sport if he can't foot the bill.

Shut up and ride! Blah!

I dont know that? :D

All it cost me back then was 75 bucks entry,

50 bucks beer

25 bucks bag-O- :D

10 Bucks Gas

RR was cheep untill the sport took off...

300 Bucks geez I ahte RR I am gonna tap dance

Anyone going BROKE :D:)

EGO knows this, I switched partially to this sport because Roadracing became hugely expensive. MX is the wrong 2 wheeled sport to complain about cost. Here is an average roadracing weekend (without crashing):

Entry Fees - 300+

Tires - 400+

Fuel - 100+

Brake Pads - 75

Travel & Food - 300+

I'll gladly pay my maintenance fees for the fun I have MX'ing.

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