I Probably Can't Expaine It Well Enought....HELP!!

....but I need to try just in case. I posted this on the WR side, but I'm going to try you YZ folks also, this is killing me.

Rode the scoot into work this morning. I'm running a 158 main which is what I usually run if I'm riding up above 8,000 feet (to lazy to change it back to the 160 before work). This doesn't usually cause any problems, maybe a miss here and there but no biggy. It was a little cooler here this morning, but bike was snappy as ever and seemingly running good. After my morning joe, I headed off to work. Got on a short peice of hwy, and opened her up, that's when it happened. This is going to be a bit tough to explain, so I hope I can do it a little justice so I can find out if I may have a problem or not. Wound the bike up high into 5th, and as soon as I hit the upper RPM's, I got this weird, loud, low pitched screetch from my motor (kind of like a chair scoot'n back on a wooden floor). It was like a resonation of the head, you know, that hollow sound your motor makes as it's running, but LOUD! I backed off right away, and it went away just as quickely, but did it one more time a few blocks away as I wound it up again. ANY ideas as to what this could be, is "something" trying to tell me something?? It runs just fine low to mid RPM's, it very well could be nothing I suppose, I'm going to rev her up again at lunch and see if I can recreate it, god I hope not.

Any suggestions welcome, and thanks in advance...

***Update, just took her for a spin to the bank, the vibrating noise is most prominent on hard decel once a certain level of RPM's is hit. Man, this is starting to scare me.........ANYONE with any ideas???***

BTW, with the oil change debacle I had the other night, was just wondering. Say you left both drain plugs out, and proceeded to pour a quart back in as I did, do you think that ALL (the full quart) would run right back out one of the drain holes???? It ran out onto my rock driveway, so I have no way of visually seeing how much of the quart ran back out.

If not, and I still filled the entire 1.59US qts back into the bike, by how far would you estimate that I would be over at this point. AND, if I am over filled on oil, is there a chance that THAT would be causing this newly found "vibrating on decel" noise????

Seems to measure pretty close on the dip stick once warmed up. Man I hate this.........

Dodger :):D

First things first, stop riding the bike, something is coming loose inside your engine and if you keep riding it it's going to destroy your bike.

I'm going to ride it home, 6 miles, and put her up. Any ideas as to what would be the first, second things to check if something is possibley comming loose???

Man, my heart is sinking, this thing has been perfect so far.........

Dodger :):D

Can one of the mechanic types chime in here, I'd hate to see Dodger grenade his bike.

Is it possible that the noise is from the odometer cable? I remember that exact same noise comming from a bike I owned several years ago and I too thought it was the engine at first. If you are sure it's coming from the engine, it might be from the clutch. I hope it's not a lack of lubrication issue.

Disregard..........Ummmmmmm problem found, I'm an idiot. Don't ask :):D

Thanks y'all..........

Dodger :D:D

Oh, no way, man! You gotta spill it! What was it? We won't make fun of ya (too much!).

I was gonna guess that with the cooler temps and the smaller jet that maybe you were heating up. But that was just a semi-uneducated guess.

So what was it? Shoelaces tangled around the hub? What? :)

Come on Dodger, if you don't fess up these guys will be relentless.

Well, if we have to guess, I'd say it was probably 70's day at Dodgers work. He was decked out in a cool corduroy suit, groovy white boots, hip gold chains...you get the picture. Well when he clicked her up in to 5th that corduroy suit started making those funny vvvt-vvvt-vvvt sounds from all the wind. That would be my best guess..or maybe gold chains clanking on helmet...na, I'll go with the suit. Am I right? Let me know if I win a prize or something.

Hey he posted what was wrong on the wr426 forum. Somethin about his skid plate not on right and vibrating with the engine, and making a buzzing noise.

I bet that's just a cover for the corduroy suit... :)

Oh you guys are a RIOT!!!

Hey gang........

Yup, that's exactely what it was. Little bugger was to the side like a half a mm, and that was enough for it to vibrate against the frame :) .......Man it sounded bad though.

Actually, moto2000 guessed it, he must have saw me riding around in the jump suit, who would have guessed......

Any who, thanks for all the help had I needed it, sorry, don't have no prizes :D ...........

Dodger :D:D

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