Scotts/ Ohlins stabilizer question


I ordered a new Scotts damper kit from here on TT. Just got it today- Thanks Brian!

The question I have is; did Scotts merge with Ohlins or something? The stabilizer I got says Scotts on the top, but Ohlins on the front. It looks very similar to my other Scotts (two years old), but is a little "beefier" and the screws are torx instead of allens. It's about 1-2mm thicker than my old one, and feels a little heavier. Feels like about the same resistance (not on the bike yet, so a little hard to tell). Anyone know anything about this, or what changes they've made in the last couple years?

Thanks, guys.


It's an Ohlins design that's manufactured by Scotts.


Are they all coming like this now, where they say Ohlins on the front & Scotts on top?

mine is about 7 months old and it is machined in the front and on top ...scott's.

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