Any YZ450 reviews

Any yz450 reviews out there yet? The 03'CRF450 is much improved in both handling and power over the 02'CRF. Question is how will the yz450 compare? Mainly in handling. I'm starting to think the YZ has the edge if they really knocked the weight down to what they claim.

Maybe I should just stay on my 02'cr250. I really like it, but at 6'2" and 190 lbs. (probably 210 with gear), maybe I benefit from 4-stroke power. I ride nothing but MX and live at an elevation of a little over 4000 ft.

Hmmm - so many hard decisions - what's a guy to do?

BTW - This Red vs. Blue bashing is lame - IT'S 95% RIDER!!! When I'm on the track with the pro-class riders, they smoke me on their 125s, they would probably beat me on kx100s.

I don't think the dealers even have the bike yet so we'll keep our little eyes and ears open.

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