Oil filter drain fix question

I have heard of plugging the hole with a "timesert" or something. What exactly is a "timesert"? Did you have to drill the hole out, and tap it? If so, what sizes are the drill and tap?

So you stick that thing in there and then stick a screw in it? Why not just tap the hole and stick a screw in it?

Originally posted by mxrider426:

So you stick that thing in there and then stick a screw in it? Why not just tap the hole and stick a screw in it?

I think he was just answering the "what's a timesert?" question.

I don't see any reason to use one for this job either. Do a search, but I do believe you need to enlarge the hole slightly to get the next sized metric tap in there. I think this is a good idea, but I just clean those threads out w/ every filter change and I've never had any issues with that particular bolt.

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You can move up to a Suzuki plug which is 14mm x 1.5, if memory serve me correct.

However, you have to do this in a press or mill since a hand drill will move around due to the hole size and the fact that the hole is not consistent. This makes for a sloopy fit between case and plug. Won't work.

Take a close look at the hole and you'll know what I mean.

You're better off running the insert as mentioned or a Heli-coli of sorts. In either case, you're looking at about $50 to $100 for the kit.

And I think in this application it's best to run an epoxy on the insert as well.

It's not an easy job, so be patient.


btw - if you pack the drill and tap with grease, it will keep most (not all) of the shavings from getting into the case.

Just a correction on price, I got a heli-coil kit from the local auto parts store to fix a screw with my chain buffer and it was less than $20 which included like 10 coils, the drill bit, a tap and a device to insert the coils with.


I agree, the smaller kits are a lot less expensive. I have many in use on this bike. But the 12mm and 14mm kits require more bank and are usually a special order.

I would have to assume with the amount of tooling that the insert kit listed above is well over $100.


MXrider to answer your question: You can plug the drain hole with silicone.

You dont have to drill or tap anything. Most of the replies above are referencing fixing the stripped allen screw hole in the case. If that hole does get stripped, the time-sert is the way to go, unless you cant get'em, then the helicoil is the fix. Ty Davis made a kit to plug the oil drain hole with a small plug that screwed in but you really dont have to get that drasitic. All your trying to prevent is the small chips from getting into the threads of the allen screw hole, because the small chips, along with the oil in the threads, makes it extremely easy to strip that hole.

PS that timesert web site is pretty cool, except they dont have an advertised price on a single page. Odd I thought.

Thanks guys, but I tapped the hole and put a set screw on tere with red loctite. I kept the shavings from getting into the engine by screwing a set screw into the allen head bolt hole just past the drain hole, and spraying the shavings out with carb cleaner. Man, was I scared that the screw was going to go in to far and fall in!! I was careful! :)

All right, I'm completely lost as to what you guys are talking about.

I thought he was trying to fix a striped drain plug!!

Obviously not, and perhaps I should have clued into this before I started typing (sorry about that).



Davej: he was trying to figure out how to plug the oil drain passage that goes from the filter cavity to the allen screw hole. Ya know the one that strips out with almost 100% certainty, if you dont actively prevent it?

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