worst nitemare!!!!!

Dodger, maybe that why all those nasty a$$ chopper chicks look like they do :)



manthat was what I needed for the end of me day that was funny

you bend it you bought it....applies here!


What happens between you and your friend I can't help but I would serious look into the cost of fixing the bike myself and not take it to a dealer shop for what they will charge. I've wrecked my bike in a race in 3rd and 4th gear more times than I care to remember. I've high sided over a single jump that fast and my bike fliped end over end several times. That's about the worse crash I've had. It bent the subframe, trashed my pipe and silencer, handle bars and clutch lever. Cost me $160 to fix. $60 for handlebars and $100 or maybe it was $125 which makes it $185. But anyway, it didn't cost that much to fix. I made a contraption to straighten my frame out but even if I replaced it there are after market subframes for $100.

Those are the major parts on a bike that get bent when a bike starts flipping. What exactly is bent or broke on the bike? The only major thing I could think of that would seriously put you in the hole would be if he bent or broke your front forks. Still instead of going to the dealer, call around to some of the suspension shops for alternatives.

If it's a 426, I get parts for cost plus %15 and I'll be glad to get you a price on anything you need to replace it. In fairness to my sponsor I can't buy them for you but at least you can get an idea of what the parts cost versus what they are trying to charge you for labor. I would venture a guess that what the shop has figured, labor is at least half that or not more and there's nothing on a bike that you couldn't replace yourself.

Price these things out yourself and even if you aren't handy with a wrench find somebody on here that lives close to you or one of your buddies you ride with and do the work yourself.

Hello fellow TT'S i was wondering whats the possibilties of a friend that uses your bike then crashes on it , can he hold you responsible for his medical bills ?

I had a freind ride my bike and he ran into a quad with it, endoed over the handle bars and broke his leg , i was wondering if he could possibly sue me ?

now adays they can sue for everything does anyone know how the laws would play into this ?

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