Need left radiator 98 WR400

Chris. I have one from an '01 YZF426. It got smashed in an accident, but I had Mylar's repair it. It looks used, but it doesn't leak, and the price is right! Moto2000 just sent me a free headerpipe for my machine with the stipulation that I return the favor. So here you go! It's free if you want it! I'll even pay shipping!!! Just like Moto2000, and the one before him, all you have to do is return the favor. Let me know if you want it. Maniac :)



People like you make this place the best on the net. You are a great person.


Is that what they mean by "paying it forward." You are a good man.

Just trying to return the favor. You can also thank Moto2000, he's the one that got me started. And he has someone he would like to thank! Fact is, all of you TT'ers are great at helping others out!!! Let's keep it going. Maniac

well if anyone would like to ''pay forward'' me a set of 426 radiators,,,,,

id be more then chuffed id even pay cash for em :)

Man I love this site, Maniac you're the man. I sent you an email at home. I greatly appreciate this and will definetly pass on the favor to someone next time I get the chance.

Heck...I don't mind helping out a cool dude like Maniac, but if he tips over again and bends this header pipe, I'm going to send him something else........a set of training wheels!

Email me at if someone has one for sale or a set off of a different year YZ or WR that will fit.

Thanks, Chris

Training Wheels? WOW! Why didn't I think of that!!! Maniac

Chris. The package got sent out today. It was supposed to go out yesterday, but the UPS guy never showed up! I hope it gets to you in time! Here is the tracking number, 1z7y92y90394456207. Go on, and track your radiator. Good luck, Maniac


Thanks again!!! I'll be watching for it. I just pulled my radiator off last night, man that thing is mangled beyond repair. I'll email when I get it.

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