Bryan, Volley Ball???

Bryan, buddy,

How the hell is life treating you???? I watched the Moab video last night and absolutely loved it. Felt like I was actually there.... THANKS CUEBALL!!!!!

Anyway, watching this video has told me a few things...

1. Bryan, dude, you need to focus on your riding not the Volleyball. :D

2. Kevin. Such a huge desert and you found quicksand? Jesus, good things come to those who wait.

3. Heights..There is this one scene where you guys ride inches away from a 6000 foot vertical drop. Are you guys insane. :)

4. Excellent footage and I will really try to make it this year if the ride is back on....

Bryan, Bill, Mike, Brian, Kevvie, CueBall, and all the others. Hope you are all well.


No problem Mitch, glad you finally got the tape! If there's a Moab 2001 you'd better be there, no excuses this time...


Yeah, Mitchy, what Randy (Cueball) said!!

That was not me in the quicksand, I believe it was Dougie...???

[This message has been edited by NH Kevin (edited 06-07-2001).]


If there is one on this year, I swear I will make it even if I have to fight through hell to get there.....All, if there is one on, let me know.


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