yz450 with only 4 gears?

Originally posted by mxrider426:

They pretty much just removed 1st gear.


[ August 11, 2002: Message edited by: Hick ]

EGADZOOKS Batman! I was troll bait!

I would like to try the 4 speed for moto, I could see it being better. Less shifting (if you can imagine that). It will be interesting to see what trial riders do. I wonder if it will be viable to borrow some gears from the WR (is that staying a 5-speed I assume)?

The kid only wanted to know what advantages a four speed had! I think he kept his cool in spite of mean replies. I USED to love this site and would come to it daily. Everyone was very helpful in setting up my bike and find it too bad that there is such a bad vibe here now. I stay mostly on the WR side now because of this. I may sound like a broken record but I love this line : Why can't we all just get along? ( quoted from Fat Albert )

The junkyard band was putting on a play once and the kids were worried about forgetting their lines. So fat Albert chimes in : 'Don't worry guys, if you forget your lines I'll cover you'. Rudy replies : 'Shoot Albert, you so fat you can cover all of us!'

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